Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why I hate the news . . . . .

There are too many reasons to list

Every now and again a story will hit close to home for me. It might be about a child, and every mother feels for children who are hurt. It might be a story about something from my home town, or worse yet a town close to here. It doesn’t really matter what the story is, sometimes the news just gets to me.

I know a family that watches the news every day, ALL day. I also know a family that does not watch the news at all. They are like 3 days late to BIG news! I don’t really know the connection but the family that does not watch news is far more successful than the family that does. Still I think we as a nation need to be informed. The news doesn’t really do that, but it is the best thing we have so far.

I try to follow news stories that apply to me and my family. So local news, news about cops, news about sociology (HA! Yeah right, I already get enough of that in college), and news about family stuff and such. I let the rest alone. The bad thing about local news is it all hits close to home, the bad thing with news about cops is um, that also hits close to home.

So far I guess I should count myself lucky there have not been any local news stories about cops . . . well other than that one and it was not too good.

After I posted this me and the family went on a walk and it hit me that I left this with the thought that Our Local cops here in my town had some bad news.  No, they did not.  It was Local in the idea that we sadly knew of some of the people and we could drive there. . . In a small town like this that is close to local ;)  T-rex's department has not had any bad news in the time he has been here.  I hope it stays that way. 


Mandy said...

I quit watching the news a long time ago. I check local news websites and that is it. I try to stay positive about everything and with all the negativity in the world it makes it hard. I check and twice a day. I figure if its big enough news a friend will call and tell me :)

Suz said...

Me too. My computers at work have and as home pages. I browse the headlines and read what I need to. I find I'm actually better informed on issues I find important, and my brain doesn't turn to TV mush. I don't have time for all the garbage, and I often link to story sources to get the real story, not the one the anchors want me to hear. TV doesn't really report the news anymore, they sensationalize it, and push their own editorial agendas. I don't need them telling me what to think. I just want the facts.