Wednesday, May 25, 2011

And BOOM it is all Over.

A recent post at A POLICE WIFE got me thinking.

Her post is great so go check it out.

Oh what I was thinking about? It’s another round of in Yellow’s head!

I get a very vivid imagination some times. And when T-rex gets called out for the SWAT team my mind goes crazy.

I can picture him in a building, with all his sexy gear on. The dark camo is hardly visible with the lights off in the building. The big boxes are stacked as high as one can see. It is a maze of storage stuff and machines. He has his big riffle pointed down some long corridor as he is crouching behind a stack of big boxes near the end of the hall. He is sweating, but focuses. He sees a flicker down the hall, the bad guy is getting closer, two more seconds and he can make his shoot.

RING! His phone goes off, it lights up in his front pocket. The latest dirty song starts to play as his ringer, getting louder and louder with each passing second. Panic hits his face, fear and anger (think cartoon here). Boom, the bad guy aims for the glowing noise maker right above T-rex’s heart.

Back at home I get his voice mail. “Hey babe just wanted to know if you wanted pork chops when you get home.” I hang up and try not to worry. An hour later I get the knock on the door.

And that is the real reason I avoid calling T-rex when he is at work.

The whole thing plays out in my mind whenever I have the desire to call T-rex when he is at work. Luckily this is getting less and less. It never lasts long, it’s not like I can afford to live my days worrying where he is going to find a big abandoned warehouse in our small town. I don’t even think our town has a building with machines in it! I think I watch too much TV.

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Meadowlark said...

Um, ya'll do realize that when they go on a callout they don't leave their cell phones turned on. Or at least they don't here. During the briefing that's one of the checklist items - phones off.

Fairly certain your phone call isn't going to ruin the entire incident :)