Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer is here

I have had mixed feelings this last week. T-rex is off to training again. This class is not going to last too long. But it still has me missing him after one hour. The logical cop’s wife’s brain tells me that is not a big deal, the mom and wife in me is just ticked off that he has to go.

He is learning about meth clean up and all that stuff. I guess he gets to learn more of the in and outs than before. When I was whining telling my dad about this he said “well that is good, if the cop thing doesn’t work out he has a backup plan.” So see I get my strange humor from my father!

I think this whole thing would not have been too bad but T-rex took his pillows off the bed. So every time I go down there my bed looks dumb! No one likes a dumb looking bed. But that I could deal with. What I cannot deal with are all the moths! There are like a million of them and I have a very big phobia to moths. I will yell and scream and cry like a baby if there is one even in sight.

The little girls had a moth in their room last night. Do you know how hard it is to tell your 5 year old to not be afraid of something when you are going to pass out!? It was a long night.

In other news the kids are out for summer! I am happy to report they passed and will be moving on . . . but I am not too sure I am happy about it. Lilly is going to be in 2nd grade! That is like big kid stuff there. And Dino, who got A’s in everything but ‘Talks to much’, will be in 1st grade! She will be going to school all day. Even Rae will be starting school next year. She will go two days a week in the afternoons. They grow up too fast.

It was this time last year when T-rex was getting ready to go to the academy for the deputy position. It seems like it was just yesterday and forever ago at the same time.

Oh and I am putting this out here for everyone to read so they can hold T-rex to it. He is going back to college!!! I am just about done, 5 more classes and I should be done. . if I don’t fail Spanish again. Yeah I neglected to tell you my grades . . .I got two As and a B. . .and a U (which is really an F for F@#$, fail.) This is the first time I have ever failed a college class and it does not feel too good. T-rex already has like almost half of his classes taken from the academy. He should be done with his associates in no time.

Well, that is all for now. But I do need some good summer ideas with the kids, if anyone has some let me know!

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Anonymous said...

Find a giant cardboard box.
Cut a big, square C for a swinging door ....
and a window or two ......
Used to keep my kids busy for a day or two.
Good luck.