Wednesday, May 4, 2011

From "Toy" to "Tool" and back again.

The truck sat just outside the house, freshly washed. Although the tuck was the oldest in the department, far past needing replaced, it was a shinning beauty that only an officer can love. The days that followed were filled with bringing stuff out to the truck, bring stuff in from the truck, talking about the truck, playing with lights, and washing the truck. I soon felt like the second wife. But the glory and pride faded as the tuck turned into nothing more than a work tool. The paint is faded, the letters are falling off and the occasional skunk hit is the only thing that signals it is washing time.

When I found out that he was getting a new truck the fear that I would once again be over shadowed by a truck hit again. I was ready for none stop talking about this new truck. So far I have been saved. In part because it takes time to get a new truck ready at the department before it is sent home with the guys. I hope that another reason for this is because he now sees it is just a tool for work, and nothing more. Yet part of me cannot help but see that the trucks do kind of become a second partner. He spends more time with that truck than he does with me at times. This is just the nature of the job I guess.

Still sitting outside is the old truck. I wonder if he is going to miss it. He knows all the little dints, quirks, and strange things an old truck does. He has spent so much time with the truck, heck even I might miss seeing it sitting there. It is nice to see that a new toy or tool does not bring so much change to our lives, it is just a part of the job now, once the lights are all played with first I am sure. We will see how things change when the, as the kids say, 2011 Taco, is sitting in front of the house. Until then I will just hope the department does not get new guns in the next few months!

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Wrexie said...

I'm a girl and I still miss my old Bronco :(
I guess there's a lot to be said for a good safe truck you've been thru stuff with.

...but new and shiny is nice too.