Thursday, May 26, 2011

How To: Get your cop to stop drinking out of the milk carton, or stop any of the other million things he does that gets under your skin.

So with talking to my mom and other wives I have found that guys just don’t get it. T-rex is great at leaving his socks in the living room! Here is a short list of things to try with your cop to get him to stop breaking the rules:

1. Write a violation handbook, complete with fines for each violation. Such as:

           a. Drink out of milk carton ~ wash all the dishes

           b. Leave socks in the living room ~ do all the laundry

2. Get a ticket book, to make it look more official

3. “Jail time” likely will not work as the cop tends to have some fancy toy in his room, not to mention he will still think bedtime is a conjugal visit!

4. Get the kids to act as undercover officers to bust him

5. If all else fails get the girls at NPWA to give you a shovel!

***This is dedicated to my loving husband who has mastered the art of drinking out of the carton when my back is turned for just a second. I love you babe!

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