Saturday, May 7, 2011

Guns prevent Rape

I don’t tend to write about political stuff on here, and I like it that way. But there are times when something hits me and I just have to share it. I was reading MSN today when I came to an article about women and guns. You can find here>1=32060 , if it is still there.

The point of the piece was to share the ideas of Paxton Quigley, who wrote a book supporting the idea that every female should have a gun. I happen to agree with her, even though I don’t own a gun, but we will get to that later.

The article was bad in so many ways. Lets start with the fact that MSN is too afraid to say that guns are okay so everything was done in interview form. This might have been a good thing because they did not just come out and say guns are bad. But the questions were clearly geared to get the reader to question if guns could be a good think like Quigley is suggesting.

One question was “Rather than arming everyone, why not disarm everyone, and ban guns?” To which Quigley gave the typical answer that bad guys break the laws all the time and the laws only hurt good people. As true as that is, there is another piece of information missing. One that Quigley could have used in a few of the questions to put that thought to rest.

Girls are weaker than boys. End of discussion on this. All the feminists in the world can just get over it. Boys are typically much stronger than females, take 100 boys and they will be stronger than 100 females. Sure we get that female who is very strong from time to time, and we get that guy who is physically weak from time to time. But it is not a matching game, it is life and in life a female is more likely to run into a male who is stronger than she is.

So now we have a world with no guns. None. Not even the bad guys have guns now right. That’s great now on nothing but strength the bad guy can beat and kill the female. Wow that sucks. It would seem much better if the female, the weaker one, had something to even the playing field, the end the danger. Sure pepper spray sounds great, but as Quigley said you have to get close enough, then you get some in your eyes too because that tends to happen more than we like to think, then both you and the stronger bad guy are slightly blinded, at this point he bashes your head in a window (because you are close enough to spray him) and well you see where this can go.

Sure there is also the Taser. You know the one where you have to put it to the bad guy's skin, yeah see above for reasons that will not work. Then there is the kind you shoot like a gun. One shot, so don’t miss under such stress, and once it is shot the threat to the bad guy is gone. Let’s say you do hit but the cheap one you got at baby protect yourself outlet does not go past the clothing of your bad guy. Well that’s over isn’t it. Now let us say that it does get the guy, you get a whole 5 seconds, in panic you don’t run away after all it is hard to run away when you are holding the trigger. Bad guy recovers for long enough to pull the probes out and well its back to what it is.

Now some might say IF I shoot the bad guy with the taser he is not going to be able to do anything and I can get away. I want a 100% guarantee that is going to happen because I only get one shot.

The gun is the great gender neutralizer (not my words but I forget where I heard them) things are far more equal with a gun in a female’s hand, even if the guy has one. And so what if he does too, all guns work the same way, we all have the ability to shoot first, and shoot fast. If I am going to go out I want to go out fighting!

So yes I do agree Guns prevent rape.

I have not read her book yet, but it will be added to my list very soon. 


Suz said...

I'd say, "Ummm, DUH!" but oddly enough, this isn't obvious to some! Force is force. If you need it, you'd better have it, in whatever form you can get it.

CI-Roller Dude said...

the cops are always minutes away when they're needed in seconds. I support the rights of honets citizens to carry guns!

Warrior Knitter said...

And if you choose to arm yourself, which everyone who can legally own a gun should do, get training and practice as often as you have the time and money for.