Friday, May 6, 2011

The Case of the Cop with No Phone Skills

I would like to defend my reasons for avoiding the phone now when T-rex calls. I present to you 3 different  calls we had in the last week:

Me: “Hey, where you home when we ran out to the store?”

T-rex: “um why?”

“The dog was let out, I didn’t remember letting the dog out.”

“Oh yeah, I had to come back I shot a bullet.”


“Training with MR. K”

Me: “What’s wrong?”

T-rex: “This Gun is F’ed up.”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“The scope just fell off!”

T-rex: Out of breath “Hey babe, I am going to be a little late.”

Me: PANIC “are you okay?!”

“Oh yeah, it was just a chase”

“Oh my! Are you oaky?”

“yeah I got my hat back”

Okay, so you see now why I avoid the phone! He does it just to get me. The rollercoaster ride is enough to drive anyone nuts. But I am learning if he can talk on the phone it is likely nothing to get too thrilled about.


Wrexie said...

All's well if the man got his hat back. LOL

Pam Landy said...

This post cracked me up! I love your sense of humor. JB does something similar to me that drives me nuts, i.e. coming home at 8am, getting in bed to snuggle, and then casually saying something like "I hope I don't have ticks" or "He was totally covered in scabies." The "tick" comment made me practically levitate out of bed as I yelled at him to strip down. Of course he thought I was overreacting, but Jesus!!