Friday, December 17, 2010


So, T-rex has had a few strange calls to go out too. Mostly I find the “cow out” calls to be funny! He doesn’t work dispatch so he does not have to deal with that kind of crazy call! Thank Goodness because I have heard people calling in for some very stupid things! One that sticks in my mind is a woman calling because the fast food place would not give her what she wanted (I don’t think it was burger King BTW.)

Well today we had our own little emergency. Rae ran out of Gummy snacks! You know the little fruit flavored colored squishy things. They come in all kinds of different shapes. We like dinosaurs and Dora, I like the bears (something about biting a bear head off is very satisfying) they taste like junk but Rae will only eat gummies! One time I sent T-rex to the store to get gummies and he came home with the gummy lifesavers. Rae was just fine with this but they are known as Squishy snacks.

Today we had to run to the store just for her snacks. I don’t promote junk food, but we do have some snacks around the house for afterschool or when Rae has to sit still for her sisters’ projects. I know that I cave too much. But if you had seen how devastated she was you too would have ran out to get the silly little snacks. It was as if she just lost her best friend, the world was ending, and there was a fire! I felt so bad. Once we got to the store she ran right to where they are and picked out some Curious George ones. I approve. She got to hold them all the way to the check out and the gal who checked us out was so smart, she asked Rae for them and then gave them right back. It was great. And well worth it.

However, it did get me thinking about the things people care about too much. For us it is Gummies. We put too much stock in colored squishy stuff. There is the guy who came into my work and got all pissy because of pickles. You know the little green thing you can PICK off your food. I really wondered if his parents cut up his food for him until he was 16. Then there is the other gal who orders the most complicated drink ever and yet no matter how much I mess it up she thanks me and drinks it with a smile. Yeah we know what we like, but most people can just move on deal with it. T-rex also deals with this stuff all the time. There was a guy who made T-rex write a damage report on something to that costs less than $2.00 to replace. It was old and worn out anyway but because some punk kids were being punk kids T-rex has to deal with some old guy who can’t seem to just let stuff go. Or the people T-rex pulls over, so far most of them have said “Thank you” after getting their ticket. But still the look of “how can you give ME a ticket” gives T-rex a laugh.

I know I am not immune to the issue of silly things being important. I still have MY blanket, and I freak out whenever T-rex sits on it. Lilly can’t have her food touch, and Dino loves Ramen. T-rex even has his little things that matter, and if it does not go right there is a little meltdown. But I don’t think any of us will be silly enough to freak out so much that we call the cops or go off on an employee doing their job. Then again, people are crazy.

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