Thursday, December 16, 2010


So, things are just going along. Nothing to exciting going on around here, other than a sleep deprived T-rex asking if we had to pay anything to check books out at the Library. That was kind of funny. But people do and say silly things when they have not had a lot of sleep.

Talking about sleep, we are getting a new bed! In all the years we have been married (7) we have never gotten a new bed! It has always been a hand me down from someone who had their bed for 40+ years and they NEEDED a new one, well being young and poor we NEEDED any bed! We went downtown today after I got off work and found one we just love! It will be much better than this waterbed frame with a used waterbed mattress (It’s a “real mattress” just made to fit in a waterbed). It will come after the first of the year, and we will pay for it then, so it is going to be our “new thing for the new year” like I did as a kid!

Work has been kicking my butt! I hate to say this but I am a big baby. When get busy and I still get a little overwhelmed. Then there are the teenagers who stand there and look at me getting busy and still do nothing. Or the girl who I nearly slapped in the face! Ugh. I asked her to drop more fries for me (I even said please!) she said “I just dropped some”. I said “I know please put more down I will need them” and what do you know, I end up having to wait on fries because this punk kid would not do anything and I was busy running my butt off, oh to top it off the whole time she was standing there looking at the oil. This is just a small portion of what I deal with at work. I thought it was going to be better than dealing with 6 year olds all day, I was wrong. They listen about the same. I just know that if I acted like that when I was in high school working at fast food place my dad would have come into the store and pulled me out by my ears. You don’t bring shame to your family like that.

But then again I look back on my High school years and yeah I may have been working at work, and I may have always helped the customer by my coworkers hated me. I was bossy and mean, and well they still annoyed me. I guess it is good to know that I have grown up a little, but not too much. I would hate to act all grownupish!

The kids are doing okay, they like that I am working. But they are also acting out a lot more than normal right now. Mostly Rae, I think she is having a hard time with me not being home as much. But she is home with daddy and we have been able to avoid getting a babysitter or daycare so far. I don’t think we will have to get a sitter too much if at all. But T-rex’s job still comes first and I don’t want to miss my work just because he gets a call out.

I missed the Christmas program the kids put on at church, which kind of made me sad. Not because I really wanted to go. I am sure that if I were home I would have tried to get out of it. But I guess I got sad not being able to go. T-rex said he really liked getting to go he often times has to miss the little plays or programs the kids put on because of work. I think that him being home with the kids more and not being able to take on all the extra little jobs is going to be nice. Still there is that chance that he is going to get a call out when I am at work and we will have to deal with that. I don’t want to lose my job because of his, yet I know that his is way more important to the family and to him than mine is to me. I don’t know I guess I am feeling a little guilt about not being able to be there for everything in my kids’ lives. Yet I know it will not kill them, and it might even be good for all of us.

Well just some thoughts going around in my head right now. Nothing too big to report. OH! I got a C in my Spanish class, and I am not upset about this at all! But I did have a dream I only got 2 points on my last big paper for Social inequality, which was upsetting. Grades are not going to be posted for another week, I hope I don’t have any more bad dreams.

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