Wednesday, December 8, 2010

People are Crazy!

Well it is true, people are crazy.

My family is no exception, but I hear it skips a generation. . .my parents are normal . . .I am screwed.

But please tell me if I ever get as bad as one of the customers I dealt with last night!

Customer makes some crazy sandwich order, add this don’t put that on it etc. . .

ME: “Okay if everything looks correct on the screen please pull around.”

COG (Crazy Old Guy): “What’s that nugget things? I didn’t order no chicken! Just two fries and my senior coffee!”  (There were NO nuggests on the order, just the two chicken sandwiches he had ordered)

ME: “Um okay? What were the two sandwiches you ordered?”


Me: “Okay if everything is now correct please pull around.”

COG gets to the window pays, I then hand out his food and he asks. . .

COG: “DO you have my SANDWICHES?!”

ME: “No, I tried to ask what they were at the screen. What can I add on here for you?”

COG: repeats the SAME sandwiches I had to take off the order just moments before.

ME: “Okay that will be x.xx”

COG: “WHAT? I have to pay for them?! “

ME: “Yes, and we are busy with orders that are behind you, they ordered at the SCREEN, so after you pay please pull forward and we will bring that out too you just as soon as we can! : )”

COG was not happy with this new development. But the drunkenness in his voice made me not really care. However, it was in that moment that I had a GREAT idea! You see I think all the cops should work undercover at the local fast food places, one Friday night and I bet you can write at least 30 tickets for random things like no seatbelts, 20 or so for open container, and a good 15 or more for pot smokers.

Until then I think I will just sit back and enjoy the show that is society. And hope that if I ever get that crazy people put me in a home, a nice one with locks on the doors.

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