Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I think it is a little funny how a job title will change how people look at you. Being a cop seems to bring a lot of extreme reactions. Sadly it seems so few take the job, or at least the people doing the job, seriously. Few even respect the job. There are the few people who respect the job, take the officers seriously and care. But it is hard to find. I guess going back to my home town for the holiday made me think about how far T-rex and I have come, and yet we still face some of the same issues we did in high school. Maybe that is just the effects of going back to a small town, or maybe that is just something that happens when we deal with the effects of his job. I don’t know. But it sure seems like the cop life is always going to be a part of our life. Like it is something we can never get away from as long as people know what T-rex does for a living. It also kind of seems like T-rex can’t get away from it. Nothing is as fun as watching him hit the dash looking for his lights until he remembers that he is in his personal car!

PS. I love you T-rex


Texas Ghostrider said...

Everyone will remind y'all that he is a cop. It don't matter where you go once they know they know. Oh BTW, My POV and Motorcycle has more lights on them then the patrol car. But I work extra jobs using them.

Yellow said...

I am lucky it is hard to get permission for lights on your personal car here. I am not sure about the whole thing, but I know one guy got fired for putting lights on his car without the right permissions.