Monday, December 20, 2010

Should be charged!

T-rex was telling me of a few cases where parents were just being dumb. Sad part is half the time they don’t get into any trouble for their stupid actions, even if the actions put the kids in danger. I get a kick out of the mom who drops her young child off at the home of a wanted man. Then gets all upset because poor little Jonny had a gun pointed at him when the SWAT kicked in the door. Well, yeah that does suck goat balls lady but if you KNEW he was wanted, you KNEW he was a criminal then why in the world would you just drop your kid off?

Or the drunken lady who drives around town all pissed off at her husband, and she “forgets” to put her baby in the car seat. Oh she did get charged, but that didn’t stop the stupidness from keeping her children, with no parent classes.

The dad who helps his son get beer and condoms so he can be a “real man” at 16 years old. Only to have said son try and drive home after drinking too much and as far as I know not finding a good use for the condoms. Sure dad and son might have gotten charged, but who cares, the same lack of parenting is going to keep going on in that house.

Then there are the general stupid things, like letting you daughter out of the house dressed like that and then wonder why everyone calls her bad names. Or letting your underage child drive because you are too hung-over or drunk. I mean really people!

I always hated when people would say “everyone should take an IQ test before having children!” I know some very “blond” people who would make silly mistakes all their lives, but they are also the best parents ever! I know some very smart people who just can’t be parents, they would mess a child up so bad. But still there should be something, some kind of way to prevent children from having to have parents who are criminal in their raising.

I don’t question why parents who are trash tend to have kids who are trash, it makes me feel bad for the kids, but at some point the children need to make up their mind to not be like their parents. I am sure it is hard, but I know my own parents looked at their own crappy parents and said “Um NOT me!” They changed the family tree so to say, they learned from the parents total mess ups and picked to be better, to do better. It can be done, and at some point you can’t say it was your parents fault.

**None of the "cases" listed above are ones that T-rex worked, or that happened here, however some could be just like the cases listed above ;)  ***
That was me covering my butt just so ya know.
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Slamdunk said...

Don't get me started on bad parenting. I'd add that their it is not limited to the impoverished--there are plenty of moron wealthy moms and dads whose kids are misfits.

Yellow said...

I would hate to imply that bad parenting is only an issue of the poor. For no, it is not. I have known many "poor" parents who are wonderful, strong, hardworking, caring, and always strive for better. Better is not always MORE stuff. After all life is not what you have on the outside but what you have on the inside. Oh yes the wealthy moron parents seem to have get away with more "dumb" stuff than the rest, but stupidness seems to have the ability to affect everyone equally.