Monday, November 8, 2010

Is it creepy?

Maybe a little.

Dino has an odd habit of meeting the trash guys and yelling Thank-you at them as loud as she can, which really is not as loud as she can, but more like as loud as she feels comfortable yelling at grown smelly men picking up our trash.

How did this strange habit start you ask? Well about a year ago we were outside when the trash guys came to pick it up, I went to the street to get my cart back and said thank you. To which there were a million questions by Dino to follow. “Who are they?” and “why do they do that?” My reply was simple, “Isn't it cool that they do that?! They take our trash away for us.” Never did I think it would turn into a weekly ritual.

Every week she stands at the door and yells thank you to the big smelly men picking up our trash. She no longer gets sad when they don’t say anything back to her; she gets that they are busy working, and likely don’t even hear her. But she still goes to the door. In the last few weeks she has started to bring the trash cart back up to the house. Which I love! But I wonder if it is a little creepy that my daughter waves and smiles so big at the trash guys. They don’t even seem to notice her anymore. I wonder if it ever made them happy to see that someone is thankful for the work they do. I know we really are!

I mean really we could be like the town next to us, their trash trucks all say “Satisfaction guaranteed or double your trash back!” I would hate to have a disagreement with their trash service.

So, thank your trash guys! In fact it got me thinking, often times the service workers are taken for granted. Thank them all when you can. Let’s get being nice out of the creepy category and into normal. I know some of the cops out there would love to be told Thank you. . .and not just after you only got a warning!

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