Thursday, November 4, 2010

Police wife Interview

I was given the great honor of interviewing MRS. FUZZ!! She too is a police wife, blogger, and mom. And so much more! Reading her answers I was all like "dude that is so me!" I hope you feel you can relate to her as well as I did, and go check her out!! A Police Wife

Why and when did you start blogging?
I started blogging January 2009. HF was halfway through with the academy and I was quickly entering uncharted territory. I had a lot of questions, a lot of worries, but mostly I was just plain curious about what life was like for officers and their loved ones. I did a lot of internet and blog searches and came up mostly empty handed. The first police wife blog that I found was called "Married to the Law". (unfortunately she is no longer blogging). I reached out to her and she answered and addressed all my questions and her blog helped to replace a lot of my fear with calm. What I was feeling was pretty normal, and I didn't need to freak out.

I also desired to document HF's experience on becoming an officer. Not only did it end up being therapeutic, but it gave me a way that I could be involved in what HF was doing and support him even if I didn't understand everything that was happening to him. The network of police and police wife/girlfriend bloggers quickly expanded and I found that I could list all the police related blogs and websites I could find so I had sort of this hub of support and information for anyone that was looking for what I had been looking for at the beginning.

I just got to know, where did the name Mrs. Fuzz come from?
Well, other than my favorite nickname for the police being, "The Fuzz", I had recently watched the movie Hot Fuzz and the main character, Nicholas Angel (played by Simon Pegg), totally reminded me of HF. Not in his appearance, but because of his hilarious over the top "super" cop reactions and abilities. While we were watching it, I was like, "That is totally you!" HF is a very rigid rule keeper and takes rules very seriously. And I don't mean as a cop. He has his whole life! So you can imagine that as a cop he knows how to take care of business with sometimes hilarious results. Remember the duck incident? Shared similarities to the goose scene in the movie.

What is your typical day like?
Goodness. Right now it is CRAZY because our kids have been CRAZY. But a typical day for me starts out about 7:30 am. We go go go all day long. We try not to wake up HF since he works graves and sleeps during the day, but our kids have two volumes. Loud and louder! We don't know where they came from because both HF and myself are pretty quiet, laid back, and reserved. We have a dent in the wall above our bed from the baby hitting his head on it while wrestling his big brother. There are handprints on the walls from the kids and whatever they've gotten into. I feel like I could be cleaning all. day. long. But we try to have fun. I love to cook and the kids love to "help out". We have a lot of beautiful parks and hikes to search out, museums, friends to visit, etc. But really, three kids under the age of 8 keeps me going all day. Our favorite time of the day is waking up HF. Sadly he is usually woken up in a violent manner. That shows him how much we love him, right? Right now the kids really have us scratching our heads with their behavior so I am that mom with a stack of parenting books on my nightstand. But if they are good at one thing, it is going to bed! So at 8 'oclock or so I relax and work on projects of my own and always end the day with a hot cup of tea or cocoa and a funny video off of You Tube or a tv episode on Hulu. But all this will change in January when HF begins working swings. Something I've been dreading (other than the at home in bed with me part). So ask me again in January what my typical day is like.

What are some of the blogs you love to read and why?
This is a hard question to answer! There are so many. I have to say that I love a lot of the cop bloggers. What better way is there to get into the mind of a police officer than to read their blogs! Motor Cop is a fun read, Squad Car Theology and Raindog Blue are great because they are poetic and thoughtful and I love RDB's photos. Slam Dunks will always be a favorite read. He's a former cop and many of his posts are law enforcement related. Always interesting, funny, or inspiring. I always see what the police women have to say (Cop Mama, The Boogie Man is my Friend, Public Safety Parody, Behind the Blue Line).

Don't get me started on the police wife blogs. I can look through my blogroll of police wives and girlfriends and immediately think of why I love that particular blog/blogger. There are the hilarious story tellers, the super sweet and inspiring girls, the moms in the same stage of life as me, the religiously devoted, the new to police life, etc. I love them all

***To find all the great Blogs check out Mrs. Fuzz's profile****

So with 3 kids under 8. . .like myself. . .I feel your pains! But do you find it tempting to be just another mommy blogger?

Or rather what would YOU say your blog is about? Do you try to stay on the cop topic most of the time, or do you just blend your life, all of it, into your blog?

Hmm. I never thought about my blog as a mommy blog, but looking at my posts for the last month it definitely appears to be one! I guess my intention is for it to stay mostly on the cop topic in one form or another with ocassional insights into my personal or family life. I guess the title of my blog says it all. I'm just one police wife of many. This is my story and how I deal. My life did change when HF entered the academy and will always be a little different than a lot of other people's lives because of that. As time creeps on, I find myself less and less impacted by HF's career on a daily basis and life is somewhat a normal blend of the day in and day out stuff. That is what I noticed about the more seasoned police wives and what I wanted for myself. And seriously, when your life from 8 in the morning until 8 at night involves screaming, destruction, fighting, graffiti, teaching & training, and general barbarism, how can I not mention it? Oh, and I was just talking about being a mom there and not police work.


Rebecca said...

Super thanks! Am following you from Ms Fuzz. Am also a cops wife. Best!

KD said...

Thanks for the Interview with Mrs. Fuzz. She rocks! :)

Slamdunk said...

Fun interview. Thanks for the mention Mrs. Fuzz.

Nine o'clock is bed time here for our older one (the other 2 go to bed at 8)--so I understand what 8 am means to you.