Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Q & A With Yellow & T-rex

As a cop’s wife I get asked a lot of. . .let us just call them odd questions. . .. I am sure that some people really want to know, and sometimes a person just needs to know! So I will take a moment to answer some of the questions I get.

1. Don’t you worry some crazy drunk will shoot him?

Well now that you bring it up!! What does your husband do for a living? Oh he works at the post office? You know there was a whole new word created just for the crazy type of people who work there? But no I don’t really worry someone is going to go postal on my husband!
        Okay all my snarky sarcasm aside, I do worry something is going to happen to him. And then I remember that T-rex has a lot of training and will stay as safe as he can. It is no different than any other job, only with this one he is looking out for the dangers of the world, not just hiding behind his banker suit. Besides if I worried about it all the time I would never get any sleep. So, even though it does cross my mind I try to not worry about it.

2. How do you deal with all the girls hitting on him?

I don’t get to see all the girls hitting on him. We don’t go out together that much and he is too cool to notice some bimbo hitting on him. I am sure if he noticed he would make a point of bragging about it to me, for weeks! But to the badge bunnies I just laugh! They think the uniform is cute . . . well they need to learn about Velcro! I don’t think the badge bunnies realize it is not like being married to batman or something that cool.. . .okay, who am I kidding it is that cool! But there are a lot of hard things to deal with.

Oh and who ever thought of the slogan “feel safe at night, sleep with a cop” needs a hard slap across the face!! HAHAHAHAHA married to a cop and getting to sleep with him! Two very different things! T-rex is on night or “split” shift over half the year, and he is a lucky one who changes shifts every month, some guys get stuck on nights for YEARS at a time, family or not. The saying needs change, to something like “feel safe at night, have a cop teach you how to pie a corner and shoot his off duty, because you will need to know how to use it because he will be gone at night” but I guess that is too long for a t-shirt.

3. You know, there are a lot of dirty cops.

Okay, that is more of an accusation than a question but, allow me to respond anyway.

Why? Don’t they shower? I get mad if T-rex does not shower before dinner. Should we have a soap drive for the cops you know?

I am not an idiot, I know that there are a few, bad cops out there. Just like there are criminal bankers, lawyers, teachers, doctors, post office workers, and so on. I know T-rex is not a dirty cop, and I know the people he works with are not dirty cops (besides the fact that their wives are also picky about the soap use before dinner!). I just don’t get why one profession has to have the spot light so bright that it casts a shadow of doubt on everyone. Oh yeah, that’s because MOST cops are good people who would die to do the right thing, who would give up their life to save the life of the dumb people who say this stuff. The cops put the spot light there, they hate dirty cops way more than you could imagine. So stop assuming all cops are bad.

Look for more questions and answers soon!!


Sister Copinherhair said...

That was great! And actually, you should have a tshirt made to say that...albeit in very small print. ;)

Yellow said...

Ya know Sister, I might just do that! LOL. Hope all is going well for you :)

Laura said...

I can't believe someone actually said that about dirty cops to you. How rude!

Loved the postal comment. A sense of humor is a great way to get through the ridiculousness life sometimes throws at you.