Monday, November 1, 2010

Chicken detector

I swear T-rex’s sheriff has a chicken dinner detector!

Sheriff J. is a nice man, I am sure he is a good man. But I am just as sure that he was sent here to mess with me!

You see I know how to cook ONE meal. Well only one meal that tastes any good. It is Baked Chicken, and stuff to go with it. It is so good, like I could sale it good! Yeah it is that good!

I made it twice last week, and each time I have made it T-rex has had to stay late at work. Well guess what I made today? Yep, baked chicken. Guess who called to say he would be late? T-rex! I wonder if I burn it will he come home? Maybe if I feed it to the stray cats in the back yard he will show up quickly? No matter, I have resigned myself to the fact that I don’t make baked chicken. No, I make “T-rex is going to be late, and I need a few more hours missing him, worrying, and general stressing out dinner.”

In my mind Sheriff J and I actually get to talk about this:

Me: “What is that thing Sheriff J?”

J.: “Well Yellow that’s the chicken dinner detector. It lets us know when T-rex is going to have good food at home, when it goes off we make some stuff up to keep him here another few hours. It’s part of the initiation.”


J.: “Ohh don’t worry we have one for Bob, it tells when his wife is in a good mood, he has not stayed late too much. And one for Mighty Mouse, it lets us know when his mind is in the gutter, It blew up after the first day, we just make him stay late all the time now.”

Yep I knew they had some evil plan in place to keep me from having a good dinner with T-rex. I think Sheriff J is out to get me. I have a plan to destroy the Chicken dinner detector and have dinner with T-rex again. Or if nothing else I am just ordering Pizza from now on.

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