Sunday, November 14, 2010


We got a dog! She is a coonhound named Radio. So far she is GREAT! She is 5 months old and almost potty trained. We have only had two accidents, but we have also only had her two days now. She goes outside well but does not ask to go out. I think she does not like the back door. The first night we didn’t have a crate for her so T-rex let her sleep on the bed, tonight she really wants to be back on the bed.

But, I am a little sad. You see I hate dogs. They jump, bark, poop, and all that stuff. Yet I fell deeply in love with her! She is so cute! However, the feelings are not mutual. She, like the girls, loves T-rex way to much! He left today and she whined at the door for him for a few minutes, and then pouted on the couch. And I know we should not let her on the couch but she is afraid of the vacuum and I felt so sad for her. She did not bark or run and hide she just looked so sad. How can you say "no" to something so cute? I tell you, you cannot.

Anyway she is fitting in nice with everyone. I hope that we are quick to training her, she does not even seem to know her name, which was the name she was give at birth, not one we just picked out now. I wonder if that is normal. I know nothing about dogs and had sworn we would never get one, but with T-rex working nights and the kids getting older we just really were ready for one. I am so happy we got her. I know it’s odd, but just having her has kind of helped lift me out of the funk I was in.

Now to get her to like me more than she likes T-rex and we would be all set!

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