Saturday, November 20, 2010

Where did time go?

This week has been busy and fun! Yet, every night I would look at the clock and whine “It is only 9?”

T-rex is out of Training! He has been having a great time on his own. He likes to come home and tell me about pulling someone over for something. I don’t understand half the lingo he uses. But I get that some people drive too fast.

The kids are doing okay with the changes in his hours, and the Dog. Well kind of. One of the Police wives blogs said her husband was told “If you look like food you will be eaten” when he was in the academy. I think applies all too well to my kids. The kids run around and whine at Radio, so she takes charge. The only one who Radio does not pick on is the little Rae, who will yell at the top of her lungs and walk away like she owns the place. The other two act all afraid and scream like babies. I don’t know how to get the older girls to just lay down the law with the dog. Oh well, so far things are going great.

Today is my little sister’s birthday!! For years I thought she was 12, until she was about 16. I guess that is a sign that I didn’t pay attention to her much. But we have always had a good relationship. Well, mostly I think. Maybe she puts up with me, and I put up with her because we are family? Ah no matter I love her. She is turning 21! So I want to wish her a Happy Birthday! Today I hope my other sister comes to town, she has my turkey for Thanksgiving  Maybe we will then call little sister and tell her happy birthday!

Sitting down and thinking about my sisters has made me see just how lucky I am. My family seems to understand, for the most part, what it is like being married to a cop. I don’t have to make too many excuses for T-rex being gone, or Dino knowing how to shoot, or Lilly saying words like detain. I am happy they put up with me, and try to understand.

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