Thursday, September 2, 2010

A day in the life. . .

This was my day today.

I got up to get Lilly off to school. Her first full day in first grade! She loves school. I hope she keeps that love for school for a long time. The goal is one month!

Dealt with a cranky Rae, she is working so hard on potty training. She peed all over the bathroom, and cried. I felt really bad for her, until I had to clean the bathroom.

Dino was also cranky because she didn’t get to go to school today. They do some odd stuff for Kindergartners here. She only goes a half a day in the afternoons, but the first week is all messed up.

Then I made up my mind to go out of town to do the grocery shopping. (Our town is small!) In my typical fashion I pick to go at the worst time ever! It was raining so hard, and there was road work on the evil bridge. So I had my fair share of adrenaline, which always makes me sick when I come down.

Once in town to do the shopping I ran into a million dumb drivers. (Yes we all know I cant drive, but at least I know the laws and stuff!) As I was cursing one driver out Dino yelled at me.

Dino: “Mom, you should not yell at the other drivers like that. You’re not that good of a driver either.”

Yeah how do you respond to a 5 year old who says that?

I just told her the other drivers were way worse than I was, and . . . um. . . let’s get juice at the store too.

That worked well enough.

Back home was busy cleaning and doing typical mom stuff. Yell at kids, clean table, yell at kids, clean bathroom, yell at kids, wash dishes by hand, and repeat.

The highlight of my day is when T-rex calls, okay so it is also a pain because he has the world’s worst timing on stuff. Today was even more of a pain because his phone kept dropping the call. So this is what I got. He is working on a case, he is the captain, there are dead bodies, he burned a bridge, and sitting on a house is no fun.

He is in training! But the way he talked it was a real case. I did a few more details than if it was a real case like “dead bodies” “burned a bridge” and “sitting on a house” All of that I would not have been told if it were real, but still he talked about it like everything was really going on. I guess they do that kind of training for a reason.

Yet he still kept a lot of details out. I think I might bug him about it this weekend, after all this might be the only time I get to know about a case, even if it is just for training.

Well that is about my day, deal with cranky kids, clean, panic, hear about dead bodies. Sounds like an average day around here. Now I am off to do my own homework.


Pam Landy said...

Man alive, but your hubs has a busy beat. It's a good thing JB's beat is relatively slow - if he called me on a staticky line to talk about things burning and body parts I would drive right over to where he was just to whack him.

Good luck with getting everyone's routine all settled in! :)

jediwife said...

"Yell at kids, clean table, yell at kids, clean bathroom, yell at kids, wash dishes by hand, and repeat."

Yup. Motherhood is the essence of multi-tasking.