Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mr. K to the rescue!

Well, almost.

My dishwasher was not getting things clean, so I did what I do and called a cop. (This is turning into a bad theme.) I called Mr. K because he has tools. Don’t most grandpa/dad type people have all the crazy tools one might need? I didn’t think of the fact that Mr. didn’t have a dishwasher. Oh well.

It took a few minutes to get down to the, I don’t know, “guts” of the dishwasher. There Mr. K found the problem.

Mr. K: “AH, here are some parts. Hum, looks like they went right here. Oh, Yellow come look at this.”

Me: “what?”

Mr. K: “You see this seed, (it was a BIG seed from something) it got stuck in here and broke this little arm that holds all these parts together and then it goes right here.”

Me: “oh, well T-rex did dishes this weekend, so I will make him fix it when he gets home again”

Mr. K: “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! T-rex did dishes!!!!!! Yeah right!”

Me: “um, what part do I need?”

Mr. K: still laughing “I am not sure call Maytag”

I am sticking to my story that T-rex did the dishes. But I do find it funny that Mr. K knows better.

I ordered the part and it will be here next week, so that is good!

On better news I got the windshield replaced in the van! No more risk of a ticket.

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Ann T. said...

Dear Yellow,
Ha ha ha is right! But it's in the job description that they take the blame for some stuff. Too bad there wasn't a ghost of a chance!

Ann T.