Monday, September 6, 2010

HOW TO: Pack a lunch for a cop

1. Get out old lunch box.

2. Decide lunch box is to small and look for small cooler

3. Find small cooler in garage

4. Find BIG bugs in small cooler

5. Yell at husband for keeping cooler in garage

6. Ignore husband when he reminds you that you asked him to put it in garage

7. Wash out cooler with HOT water and bleach

8. Open refrigerator and find enough food for a small army

9. Pack small cooler full of food.

10. Put in a few water bottles and cans of soda

11. Make husband take small cooler to car, as it is now so heavy

12. Listen nicely next day as husband tells you everything that was wrong with lunch

         a. The bread got mushy

         b. I don’t like mustard

         c. The drinks got hot

         d. Leftover meatloaf is fine if it can be heated up, which it can’t

         e. Old baby food does not count as a fruit

        f. A spoon would have been nice

        g. A fork too

       h. Why was there a jar of pickles?

13. Tell husband you will do better today

14. Give husband $10 and tell him to go to the 24/7

15. Yell at husband to put small cooler back in garage.



mrs. fuzz said...

haha! LOVE it.

Sister Copinherhair said...

You seriously had me laughing so hard I was snorting! I love it. Indubitably would eat cold meatloaf though. He'll eat just about anything cold. He'll even yell at me not to heat his food when he's stopping by to eat. Weird, I tell ya.

Yellow said...

Sister~ Eww cold meatloaf?! Hey at least you dont have to worry about keeping diner hot!

Ann T. said...

Dear Yellow,
I Love cold meatloaf! It has to have been cooked the day before though. I eat it on toast with ketchup.

I eat cold spaghetti, or I used to, but I got a microwave. It's all good!

Oh, I know--but it is.
Ann T.