Monday, September 20, 2010

Me? A deviant?

I am not going to like this class, I can already see it. I am taking social deviance online this semester. I am fascinated with social deviance. Hum, could it be because my husband works in that field, and we end up spending many hours talking about it? We look at society completely different, but we both tend to have an interest in the same things.

Okay, but MY HUSBAND IS A COP! I am not going to go around being deviant. Well, I guess that depends on the definition of deviant being used. But I am not going to go around breaking rules and laws, not only do I have to live in this small town, but MY HUSBAND IS A COP. UGH. That is why I am going to hate this class, well that and I am just not generally a very deviant person. Okay, so I dressed in black all throughout high school, I don’t know if you can really call that deviant.

Oh, for this class I have to pick a deviant act that I can repeat at least 3 times. I then have to do this act and write a report on that. Now, my mom had the best idea of eating a sandwich when grocery shopping, but there is no way I could do that! How embarrassing! I don’t wish to break social norms; people who tend to do that are a short stop away from jail time.

So I picked something that would not embarrass me, was not illegal, and would not get me kicked out of our only grocery store. I got an F. I should say I got an F on the idea, we had to send in our ideas first, and then if we get the okay we can do the project. My idea was to give 4 random people 5 bucks and see their reactions. Now, if we say deviant is something out of the norm, then I made that qualification, and that was the only one there. UGH, I can tell the teacher is looking for something that is embarrassing, or borders on illegal. I just can’t bring myself to do it. I have NEVER gotten an F on a written report before. . .I mean look at how great I write (Grammar police just shhh!), okay so I might be master of B.S. but still an F?

I still don’t know what to do for my report, so if anyone has any ideas that would be great. Nothing to nasty, illegal, unsafe, etc. Why does deviant have to be bad? Hahaha, isn’t just telling people my husband is a cop out of the norm enough?? I guess I will see what the teacher says tomorrow


Meadowlark said...
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Meadowlark said...

(This time without spelling errors) :)

I'm totally not sure how I feel about this assignment. I think perhaps a "heart to heart" with your instructor might be in order, asking point blank: so what behaviors are "deviant enough" for you, and when you have an answer explain that you have a moral compunction against anything illegal, immoral, unethical or that causes pain/discomfort to others. I personally would stand my ground, but mostly because I think his assignment is BS, not because I have a problem doing things perceived as "weird" or different. He's probably never had anybody challenge him on this and perhaps you should be the one. (But we willing to accept an F)

Part two though - being the wife of a cop doesn't mean you have to be "just like everybody else". I mean, I wear my hair in milkmaid braids, have two nose piercings, am known to lecture people on genetically-modified or factory-farmed food and generally am socially inept. The officers don't seem to mind, as long as I'm not committing crimes. ;)

Anyway, keep us posted. Would love to see you stand up for the rights of the normal! (But knowing sociology professors you're probably going to be shafted. The ones I've dealt with seem somewhat touchy-feely, meadow-muffiny and rather anti-cop)

Pam Landy said...

^^ What Meadow said. Also, how great would it be if you chose to do something deviant in class? Like, if you're called on, don't respond. Just stare, open-mouthed. :) Or listen to headphones for all three classes, or very obviously read a cookbook at your seat. Do you think he'd get the joke, or just get pissy?

Meadowlark said...

Pam is BRILLIANT!!!! Those would be perfect... PERFECT!!!! Disrupt his class ... chica you HAVE to, then report back!!!

~~high fives all around~~

Yellow said...

Pam I love it!!! Sadly I have to turn in a proposal before I can do the assignment, and the class in online. But gosh I love it! On another note, I emailed the teacher Monday, and again today, and still have not found out why I got an F on the proposal, or what I need to do to fix it.