Sunday, September 19, 2010

They love him!

T-rex has been gone at training for a few months now. We have gotten used to him only being home on the weekends. I get to spend all weekend with the kids running around doing mom stuff, and then on the weekends T-rex can take over some of the work. Things like running errands, and changing Rae, who at 2 ½ is only almost potty trained. (That’s another headache for another time.) But I am the one who, Monday till Friday is here for the kids, cooking, cleaning, and everything else they need.

So why is it that when T-rex comes home for the weekend they only want him?! I turn into chopped liver. Oh you think I am overly sensitive on this??

Today T-rex made grill cheese and soup. He burnt the grill cheese, way burnt it!

Lilly: “its okay Daddy, you didn’t burn it as much as mommy does, she can’t cook anything.”

UGH! Well I have never burnt grill cheese as much as he did today. No matter that it’s true I can’t cook anything. Now if that statement was not bad enough, all three of the kids happily ate all of their food. I am lucky to get them to eat anything other than fruit gummy snacks.

He can do nothing wrong in their eyes. Part of me really loves that. My dad is still superman. I know that kids grow out of that at some point, but I never really did, and I hope my girls don’t either. Their dad is one great dad.

But I never burnt grill cheese!

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Momma Hen said...

Haha! My kids are the same way ... I have to practically fight them off when Mike walks in the door if I want to get a kiss!