Thursday, September 23, 2010


I wish I had a job like T-rex where I could buy toys and say they are for work.

T-rex: “I need this new clipboard”

Me: “Why?”

T-rex: “It’s for work.”

I later find out it has lots of lights, which makes it a toy.

T-rex: “I need some ammo”

Me: “Look in the dryer!”

T-rex: “No, I really need some ammo, I have to go shoot so I can practice for qualifications”

Me: “No, really, go look in the dryer”

No one can tell me a guy needing ammo is anything other than for fun, and that makes ammo a toy.

T-rex: “I need a new flashlight”

Me: “Why? You already have one the department gave you”

T-rex: “Because Popeye has one that is brighter.”

Oh my gosh! Again with the lights, shinny things count as toys!

T-rex: “Look at this cuff key, I want one.”

Me: “No, you already carry 3 with you at all times, the guys in your class even made fun of you for it”

T-rex: “Yeah but I will never not have a cuff key, and this one is cool”

Okay anything he already has 3 of and calls cool is a Toy!!

T-rex: “I need a new gun”

Me: “Oh really? What is wrong with the ones you have, you only have two hands!”

T-rex: “I don’t have a XYZ 900, and it would be better for (whatever he said) and the one the department gave me is (whatever he didn’t like about it)

Me: “um . . . . . . .”

Yep it’s a toy!

How lucky he is! I want toys too! But if he talks about getting me a gun for my birthday again I might just kick him!


Sister Copinherhair said...

Very funny. I just gave Indubitably a Quiqlite Stealth. Google that. I got the red/white one. He LOVED it.

It's a toy really. :)

Yellow said...

Yeah but that is kind of a cool toy! And it would not have cost as much as his silly clipboard with a light. . .But he does read this blog, so its only a matter of time I am sure. LOL.