Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Well . . . I guess I am not perfect. .WHAT?

If I could win an award for putting my foot in my mouth the most in one day I would have an award!

Let’s start with the fact that this week, and last week, and maybe even the week before have just stunk. And in many cases literally!

Okay so I have been a little quick to anger with all the stress. Yes, and I must not be getting sleep, and any other excuse you can come up with. I pled with you dear readers don’t blame me!

You know how I got an F on my deviance proposal. . . Yeah that thing, the teacher was so mean right. Yeah stay on my side! Well I got an email back. . Bout time!

Teacher: “The 3 sentences you sent in did not cover anything in the assignment. If you would like to look over the assignment and send in a full proposal I would be happy to look at it.”

My head: “Gosh they let anyone be a teacher. Can’t even keep her students right, did she not read? HUH? Three sentences my foot (Okay I didn’t think foot, but yeah).

I wrote: “My proposal was 407 words long, a full page. It is attached again, if you can’t see it all please let me know and I will send it in an email not an attachment. Thank you again for checking into this”

Okay I can say it was a little snotty sounding, but I did try!

I then checked my sent messages, and opened the original attachment I sent. IT WAS ONLY 3 SENTENCES LONG!!! It was a VERY rough draft of my project idea! Truly I have no idea how that happened as the full thing is saved to my computer, and nothing else.

And even with that she gave me like a 40% I should be happy!

T-rex said this is why cops wait until they get all the facts before they start jumping to conclusions about people or things. I say PLAH.

I quickly emailed the teacher back explaining that she was right, and I was wrong, and I don’t know how that happened etc. She replied back that she will change my grade accordingly tomorrow. So I will not know how I did until tomorrow afternoon.

Right now I will be happy with a C (which I would only really be happy with if this was Spanish class!).

Sadly this is only the latest of my social mess ups. . . I guess I am more deviant than I thought!

*** I got an A on the proposal and am cleared to give it a go!!  I even got a 100%  So even with messing my brilliance is great!   hahaha okay so I not so sure about that either!  ****

Edit 9/30/2010

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