Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ten things I have learned now that T-rex is a Police Officer:

1. How to wash a Kevlar vest (more on that in a later post)

2. How to press a uniform, with the little lines down the pants

3. How to get “stink” out of an undershirt

4. How to do small home repairs like: wash the A/c out, flip a breaker, unclog a sink, and fix a cabinet

5. How to change oil in a vehicle. Thank you Mr. K, I never felt so icky!

6. How to pie a corner (or something like that. I guess I didn’t really learn that, as much as I was told about it. ... I tend to tune T-rex out when he goes into “cop talk”)

7. How to keep food hot for a few hours, and reheat it to perfection

8. An officer with a new truck, gun, or other “tool” is just like a kid with a new toy

9. Secret squirrel shit is not really code for pulling up road kill

10. Guys really do look hot in uniform. Maybe it’s the belt. But yeah. . .


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I've never had to press hubby's uniforms. He's so particular from being in the Marines that he does that one himself! Or we just take them to the cleaners...

Anonymous said...

Yep I dont press either. DH does it... He doesnt trust me with a iron..haha

Ann T. said...

Dear Yellow,
Oh, I can't wait to hear how to launder Kevlar. I mean this. I have often wondered, after they wear it all day in dangerous August, how it keeps from smelling like dirt.

As for the pie thing, I think I know it. It is called slicing the pie. As you walk down a hall to a cross-hall, like a t-intersection? More of the cross hall is visible to you. As you walk forward, you move your pistol to aim at the newest most visible point in the cross hall. You take the right and your partner takes the left or whichever.

But you know, in general the pie I slice is apple. :-) Never sliced a hall in my life.

Don't forget about the Kevlar! And what is secret squirrel shit???

Thank you,
Ann T.

Yellow said...

LOL Ann you gave me more information on pie slicing then I ever wanted to know! But yeah, thats the thing T-rex was talking about!

Maybe another post on what Secret Squirrel "stuff" is in the next week? I hate how they call it that, sounds like poo...But anyway, moving on. . Mostly its just stuff they cant talk about. T-rex will go off and do some thing, and come home and just say it was Secret Squirrel shit. I don't really know what it is, but its not road kill!

Deputy and Copswifey~ I didnt have to do it but once! T-rex just went to "soft" uniforms, like a polo and some cargo pants. Put em in the wash hang em and I am good to go! I wanted to put my iron in the trash the day I found out. I was so happy!

Leah said...

I think I learned all of those things as well these past few months! It's a whole other world out there for our men! And the "toy" thing is so true! CC gets so giddy when it's time for him to get something new!

Sister Copinherhair said...

Kevlar has such a distinct odor, doesn't it? And it will make you sweat in the dead of winter. I wore it for three hours during our Citizens' Police Academy.

And I totally agree. They are so damn hot in those uniforms but unfortunately, not very cuddly. It's like hugging a cinder block with tools and gadgets in the way. ;)

Yellow said...

Sister~ I think you are so right! A big cinder block with tools and gadgets in the way is right. Nice to look at, not real nice to play with.
Leah~ I don't think the "toy" thing ever goes away. T-rex spent 4 hours messing around with his truch. Well at least 4 hours I knew about!