Tuesday, August 31, 2010

There goes Popeye!

PopeyeImage by Gianfranco Goria via FlickrT-rex will be happy to know I do it to everyone!

I am taking Spanish this year as a degree requirement. Which is all well and fine, but I still have a hard time with the English language! The book is even written in Spanish! I am doomed to fail this class.

Well being as resourceful as I am, I called the cops! T-rex worked with a guy in the jail who is fluent in Spanish. This guy will forever more be called Popeye.

As he was trying his best to explain what S.O.C.K.S means I started to play cartoons in my head. Mr. K, knowing me all too well, had to point this out to Popeye. At which point Popeye started to do old cartoon clips for me. (Old, like in before my time!) The only one he did which I was able to know was Popeye. I have to tell you he got it down great!

He tried some more to teach me about Spanish, I just didn’t get it. So next week I will go to the jail so Popeye can try and teach me some more.

Yes, I did just say Popeye’s going to teach me Spanish in jail.

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Ann T. said...

Dear Yellow,
Oh, yes! I have learned to speak pidgin Spanish. They tell me I sound like an illiterate. This after years.

You never know--maybe you'll learn espanol de la hoosegow--see? I speak pidgin.

Buena suerte (good luck!)
Ann T.