Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ammo in the Dryer!

Although I have been "lucky" so far and have not found a bullet in the dryer I have found many a shell in the dryer. You would think we worked for an ammunition store! Nope. Hubby ~ T-rex~ is a police officer. The strange things we have had to deal with are clearly only going to get worse as we deal with the changes in his career. Yet it is all so exciting.

In the last five years he has gone from a corrections officer ~ Jailer~ To joining the Police Department part time, getting on the Tac Team (small town swat) and now T-rex is off to the full time academy to join the ranks of deputy. Kind of was hard to see him as "top dog" in the jail and then rookie all over again for the road deputy. But its also nice. I always tell him that when the waters start to get stale they start to stink. I am happy that the waters are moving in his job again.

Yet all the silly and stupid and even scary cop stuff has me, well, not in the best of moods about it. Getting called out right before bed because some Jerk can't just be a good guy is a bummer. I almost took it personal. Like why is this jerk being like this at this time of night. . doesn't he know we were going to bed?

But mostly all the new gear is a little much. I got to see T-rex's office for the first time the other day, and although no ammo in the dryer there was random ammo in his desk! Big and small, just laying around. I asked one of the other guys if this was normal, he smiled and say "yes, and ammo in just about every other place you can think!" Ohh joy. I think I am going to hang dry his pants just be safe.

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