Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sheriff J.

Out to Get me!

I don’t know much about Sheriff J, other than the fact that he is out to get me! I am sure deep down he is a nice man. . maybe even a good man. I know he is a good sheriff. But he is out to get me!

I had to go get T-rex’s Check. I already don’t like the idea of going to jail, and it is his work place so I feel out of place there. But I was off to get his check. If I don’t pick it up who knows when we will get it.

Shyly I walk in and smile at the secretary. She is a nice lady. She buzzes me in and I ask which box is T-rex’s.

Then Sheriff J walks in! He does not even have to say anything, he just looks at me and I feel like I am going to cry. He reminds me of my dad. I just know he knows I am guilty of something.

He knows I didn’t buckle in! He knows I left the kids in the car, didn’t use my turn signal, parked in his parking place, it doesn’t matter that he never uses it, its marked sheriff’s office only. I lied last year! I cursed at a teacher in high school! He is going to ground me! Take away my phone!

I start to sweat. I can’t breath. I shake a little as I pull out T-rex’s check from his box. Sheriff J looks at me. I am about to lose it right there.

“You can’t take his check. You’ll spend it all on makeup. You have to have him sign a paper for that.” Sheriff J seems so serious I don’t know what to say, or if I should just put it back and walk away.

“Um. . Well . .He said I could. I did before. You were not here. It was nice.” Yeah I like to put my foot in my mouth at random times.

“Oh. Just don’t spend it all on makeup and girly stuff.” Then he walks away. I must have been ghostly pale. The secretary smiles at me and then starts to laugh. I mumble something about how he makes me feel guilty then say goodbye.

Safe in the car I calm down enough to not burst into tears. Sheriff J was messing with me I realize. I make a plan to get back at him. I just know he has made it a personal goal of his to mess with me now. Sadly I think he will win. I don’t want to get grounded!


Anonymous said...

Hi Yellowmice,
I'm a civilian LE supporter. Our sheriff doesn't make me nervous so much but I do have to be alert, he runs a tight ship and when I visit the SD I have to make sure I don't stay too long.

You have a great blog. I look forward to reading more. Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Our sheriff is this HUGE intimidating man... My kids who are normally social ran into him at the office turned and literally ran the other way when he said Hi...LOL they were like OH heck NO mommy save me...LOL great post!

Yellowmice said...

LOL T-rex says that Sheriff J is a nice guy. I just don't know! I think almost all Sheriffs are a little "hard around the edges" I guess I would be too.

Thanks for the comments!

Ann T. said...

Dear Yellowmice,
Oh, the trials of the innocent!
Good people worry. I read Homicide by David Simon, and in it they say that before being interviewed by detectives,
the guilty always sleep, while the innocent fidget and worry. Unbelievable.

So you're not alone! Although, thank goodness no interview! Both of us would be on the ceiling.

Take care,
Ann T.