Thursday, July 22, 2010

Don't worry babe. . .

When T-rex first started his career in law enforcement he was a corrections officer for the Sheriff’s department. My dad was also a corrections officer for a Sheriff’s department. I guess that is why I didn’t worry too much about T-rex on the job. Well, at first anyway.

Within a month, maybe it was two.  He was working nights when the road guys brought in a “combative client” and T-rex went out to help. The guy was really messed up and he kicked out a window of the patrol car. Glass went flying into T-rex’s face. All of this I learned after T-rex called on his way to the hospital.

“Hey babe, don’t worry but. . . .I am going to the hospital. . . I got glass kicked in my face. I think I am okay”

I don’t know but I really think they need to make the officers take a class called “Don’t be a jerk, learn how to call your wife without making her worry for hours”

It would teach them things like:

Never start with “don’t worry”

Never continue with “I am in the hospital”

Start with “Hey babe, I love you, got some stuff going on at work. . . ect.”

If things are really hard, just jump in with the situation that happened, and what’s going on now.

Don’t wait until the end of the conversation to say you are okay.

Say you are okay often

Make a joke if you can

NEVER START WITH DON’T WORRY BUT. . . (Yes this is listed twice!!)

I think this class should be taken before day one. Sadly some of them just don’t get it . . . when you say “Don’t worry” It makes people worry more!


Anonymous said...

Ahh yes I too have been there. Got a call from Mr D that started the exact same way....

Honey Dont worry...but I am going to the hospital...I was my hand....

can you say FREAK out. He got a ear full when he came home and i learned it was a BB gun, he was fine in all but OMG.

The next time he got hurt he made the Sgt call. THAT was even worse.. then he said Hey if I was seriously hurt or dead the Sgt wouldnt call. You would see him at the door with the Chaplain.

Oh well nice that really doesnt make me feel better. :/

Yellow said...

Oh T-rex would be sleeping OUTSIDE! Shot in the hand with a BB gun! And why do they have to pause before they give us all the details? I mean just tell me you are okay already!

I have another great story about uniforms coming to the door. I will have to post it soon. I think sometimes our guys just don't think!

Pam Landy said...

AMEN - this (thank God) has not happened to me (yet), but I can TOTALLY imagine that happening. :)

Leah said...

This is so true!! I love it! CC hasn't done anything crazy like this, and he's been wonderful to text as soon as he might be a little later than normal. But if something like this does happen, I can totally see how it's going down!

Ann T. said...

Dear Yellowmice,
I have to agree. To be told not to worry is ALWAYS a sign that something to worry about is up next.

You have nerves of steel, though you don't know it.
Ann T.