Sunday, July 18, 2010

I am not going to eat that!

Can we send picky eaters to jail? Cuff em? Ticket it them? Grounding does not seem to be a severe enough punishment!

I slave over the hot stove, cooking the best breakfast I can think of for my husband before he goes back to the academy. I make homemade tortillas. Some eggs and sausage and a little Oj. A really good breakfast, a lot better than the cold cereal we normally have. Keep in mind that I HATE to cook. If I could we would eat leftover pizza for breakfast every day.

So there I am all proud of myself, and the great breakfast I have made. I give a full plate to each child as I admire my great work.

All at once, at the same time they yell “I am not going to eat that!”

Chaos ensues as the whining grows. Some of the whining is from me. Nothing brings a mom back to earth as quickly as children.

I think this just reinforces my dislike for cooking.

Sadly after the first bite I too want some marshmallow, chocolate, sugar cereal.

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mommywing said...

Now I'm hungry for Cocoa Puffs!!