Sunday, July 25, 2010

A knock, two officers, and one ticked off wife

T-rex is on Part time for the Police Department, as well as the full time for the Sheriff’s Department. Needless to say I don’t always know where he is. Home, PD, SO, store, I get it mixed up a lot.

Late at night there was a knock on the door. It was a forceful knock, like whoever was knocking had some very important business, at 9pm. So I quickly ran upstairs, almost in a panic just from the knocking. I opened the door to see two Police Officers standing in my door way.

My first thought was that something happened to T-rex. My heart dropped and I could not get anything out. I asked if T-rex was in trouble. That’s all I could say.

Nope said the officers, they just wanted to get his radio for the new guy.

My face turned red as I realized that T-rex was home! He was playing games, and not hurt.

Darn officers should have CALLED! It’s a phone, learn to use it!

But that did get me thinking. I didn’t know how they would notify me if something ever happened to T-rex when he was at work. I remember the one call that I got from him. It started out like this: “Don’t worry babe” So I worried! He was fine, but still that was not a good way to find out some bad news.

Turns out they do send officers to notify the family. If it’s at the Sheriff’s office they send Sheriff J and Mighty Mouse. I am not sure how I feel about that. I talked with MRS. K, her husband was T-rex’s boss when he was in the Jail. MR. K is funny, I like him. She told me that she has already made it clear to Sheriff J and Mighty Mouse that she would not open the door if they came and just knocked on it. I don’t blame her. I asked if she would come with the officers if something ever happened to T-rex and she said she would. I don’t know but just knowing that she would be there if I needed her really helped me get past the fear of the door knocking. I think we all should have a plan in place. I hope no one ever gets that knock on the door. Or if you do it’s just so they can use a radio. Just make sure, if that is why they came to knock on your door, you give em a talking to. And your phone number!

This one is dedicated to Mrs. Deputy and all the Police wives out there. To read her blog go to “The Family Behind his Badge” also check out my blog list for more great blogs to read.


Sister Copinherhair said...

Well, Indubitably and I are not married and don't live together. I am hopeful that SOMEONE would think to let me know if something ever happened to him. God forbid!

So they send TWO officers for a radio? I could understand one coming if they didn't call first but I'm with you on the calling for something like that.

Yellow said...

There were two officers because one was still being trained.

If I were you I would check and find out if they will notify you, and how. I mean its not something we really like to think about but we do need to know what would happen.