Friday, July 16, 2010

I am in Human Resource!

   T-rex gets to say that he is a cop.  What pride he gets in that.  Even if many older people don't like cops every kids loves a cop! I can't think of one boy who didn't wish to be a cop when he got older.  It's a good job. When he fills out the online pages that ask "Occupation" He gets to mark LAW or something just as prestigious sounding. 

Yeah good for him!

I get to mark unemployed, not working, or homemaker. Yes, I think a homemaker is a good job, but it kind of sounds like I am a bum.  I know I am doing the best for my family and kids by staying at home right now. How else would T-rex get to be a cop?  But I want a "real" job!

So that's it.  I am no longer going to mark unemployed!  I am now in human resource.  I have made 3 humans, someday they will be a great resource!  How many other human resource people can say that! 

So here is to all the other lady's who are in human resource with me!  Enjoy your time making good humans,  someday they will be a great resource.  It is hard work to make a human, and then to make a human that is going to be a contributing member of society!  No other project takes 18+ years to complete.

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mommywing said...

This is TOO true!!!