Friday, July 30, 2010

It doesn’t work!

So I could not get the idea of hiding from the kids at nap time out of my head. How nice it would be to just blend away in the background and take a nice 30 minute rest. Camouflage is made to keep people hidden from the enemy right? Surely it could fool a 6 year old for 30 minutes.

Camouflage desert patternWell, first I tried normal camouflage, thinking maybe there was some magic power in the fabric or something. It did not work; the kids only asked why I was wearing Daddy’s work clothes.

So I thought I would get something to match the couch, something the same color and fabric. I was up all night stitching a nice jacket, pants, and even a hat. I was eager to try it out! When the kids were playing outside I thought I would just slip it on and take a quick, peaceful nap on the couch.

THEY FOUND ME! It took a whole 5 minutes for all three of the kids to run inside. They found me in 2.4 seconds. “Mom! I want a drink!” I tried to act like I was not there, thinking if I don’t move they would go away. What is that trick with bears, act dead? Well it did not work. When I did not respond right away they started to poke me with random things left on the floor.

This stuff does not work! I have tried everything I can think of. How is this going to work for T-rex when he is out? If a 6 year old can figure it out I am sure a person who is, in theory, smarter than a 6 year old can figure it out.

This post is dedicated to Helen at I'm living proof that God has a Sense of Humor. . . . check it out for some funny stuff!
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Helene said...

You are too funny!!! Kids are little geniuses, aren't they? Mine probably would've figured it out too. Maybe you should've just laid flat on the floor, playing dead and if you're lucky they might have just kicked you gently to see if you were still breathing...and then left you alone!!

Don't worry...if we think long and hard enough, we'll find something that works!

Thanks for the shout-out...have a great weekend!

Yellow said...

Helene~ I have tried that before. I thought that maybe they would just say my name over and over, but no. My children in all their greatness, found it was best if they jumped on me, over and over again. I couldn't play dead for long! I was sure Cammo would work, they shouldn't have been able to see me!

Ann T. said...

Dear Yellow,
Oh, no! Nothing stops a kid on quest for Mom. This is just more proof, huh?

Instead of camo, you need a Mom's Afternoon Out. Lunch with a friend and a trip to the museum or the mall. Try to get some down time, some way! It is better in the long run for everybody!

Take care of yourself,
Ann T.