Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hey babe, come see this!

Is it only my husband who yells across the room for his wife to drop what she is doing to go look at some video posted online?  Oh I can’t stand it!  He makes it seem like I have to stop everything all at once.  “Hey babe, come check this out!”  He makes it sound like it’s the best video ever posted like it’s so cool and nothing is better.
Turns out it is yet ANOTHER training video he watched, this one you get to see some of the blood splatter.  Great times! 
“Hey Yellow you got to see this!”  It is another video with some guy getting shoot.
“Oh I really want to show you this, it is important” Some sales pitch for a new clipboard he wants!
“Babe I want to show you what we learned this week” This one gets me interested because I do care what he is learning about.  NOPE it autopsy photos in a nice slide show with some sweat music.

I think men should not be able to view videos online anymore. There has to be a parent block I can add to the computer. 
I don’t care that T-rex is a cop and gets some sick kick out of the training videos, I don’t want to see a blown up head in low def before my coffee!


Anonymous said...

hahaha.... I feel your pain! except min is ghost videos or Alien stuff or HISTORY.. BLEH

Anonymous said...

I get your point, but I'm the opposite, I loove that stuff! The ones I don't like are the ones explaining how such and such gun works. I don't care HOW it works, just as long as it works!