Friday, July 23, 2010

Potato Chip Tactics

My mom and T-rex have an issue. There is war in my home. There is war at my mom’s house. I don’t think this war will ever end. I don’t even know who started it anymore.

A little back story first. My dad was a corrections officer, and like most corrections officers taught his wife some of the stuff he learned. My mom also worked for a prison as a teacher for a few years. This combined experience helps her with tactical maneuvers and such.

T-rex is like most cops and eager to show off when given the chance. So you can see how getting these two in a “war” could be a bad idea.

One of the two of them, and I am inclined to believe that it was my own dear mother, popped the other one with a Lays potato chip can. The rest is history.

You see there is something about an empty Lays potato chip can that is very interesting. When the lid is on you can “Pop” the lid off by applying pressure to the can.The lid will then fly off hitting your target in the head, back, or in the case of “battle at backyard pool party”, a little finger, causing a great deal of pain. The sound alone is enough to get a person to jump. Now, I am not here to promote the Lays potato chips, but their cans are nice.

This war has gone on for some time now. When it first started my mom was able to get the cans of chips at her local store, now she cannot. T-rex can still get them at our local store. It seems he has an unfair advantage with this.

I am stuck in the middle here. I am ashamed to say that I have stock piled chip cans for my mom. I have helped T-rex set up my own mother! I am torn, am I good wife or a good daughter? I think I should start taking bribe money to get the chips.

Wish us luck as “battle at the birthday party” is just around the corner. I am sure a battle plan is already in place for both sides, gear is getting shipped out, ammo is being prepared, a lot of chips are being eaten.

*Picture taken from link listed below picture, I am in no way connected to said picture or link, just hate to use anothers "work".


Ann T. said...

Dear Yellowmice,
Oh, no! How did you end up in the middle? Would a target work, as in, darts? Instead of popping each other they could go for the bullseye?

Ok I know it's hopeless.
Good luck though!
Ann T.

Yellow said...


Peace talks will be in the works soon. If nothing else we will be switching to Pringles.

Ann T. said...

Dear Yellowmice,
Blahahahaha! "The Pringles Peace-keeping Summit"

I wish you lots of luck!