Tuesday, July 20, 2010


There are shirts with the saying “I feel safe at night, I sleep with a cop” printed on them. Yeah, right!

First, if your LEO husband only works days then you are one lucky lady, and I don’t really want to hear it.

Second, if you have a cop who has real cop hours he is likely to be on nights every few months at the least. You will be sleeping alone at some point.

Third, it really, really bites when you are sleeping alone and your husband is working nights (read when the bad people come out).

Last night was a night alone for me. It was not a nice peaceful night. First there was the big boom sound from behind the house. Following that I was a mess. Every little sound made me jump. I was afraid to move out of my room. I sat up in bed with the cell phone for hours talking with other wives who have been there before. And although most nights we do great, there are times when sleep deprivation, panic, worry, and stress all just collapse on the human mind at once.

I did learn a few things during my sleepless night however. First, thinking of waking your 6 year old to check out a sound, get a flashlight, or even run down stairs to get daddy’s go bag is normal. . Acting on those thoughts is not normal, is in fact dangerous, and might be a sign you need to seek professional help.
Second, making a list of other cops to call is normal, talking yourself out of calling them because you think you are just being a baby is also normal.
Third, when you find out that most of the evil sounds are just your icemaker don’t panic!
 And last, getting mad at T-rex really felt good.

So if you are a lucky wife who does get to have a normal bedtime with her cop husband, good for you, I don’t care! I would feel much safer if I slept with T-rex’s off duty! And the lights on. . . .


Anonymous said...

Yea there should be shirts that say I feel safe at night I sleep with the phone next to me waiting for a phone call or text from my cop...LOL

Dh has been on nights since the dawn of time. He worked a year of days for me. I selfishly wanted him home at night to help with the kids. Then about 3 months in I couldnt take it anymore Told him that next shift sign up he needed to go back on nights. I need him gone during bed & bathtime with the kids...lol

we just work better this way

BunnyO said...

All way too familiar. You know it's bad when you count how many times the same car passes your house or when you come to the door with the glock to peek out and see it's a solicitor... right at dusk.