Thursday, July 15, 2010

Single, yet never alone.

I thought that it would be easy with T-rex gone. I mean he never really was home anyway working construction and then corrections officer the whole time we have been married. At first he was gone a lot, and then he was gone odd hours.

But this academy stuff is HARD! M-f he is two hours away at "basic training." Friday nights he runs home as fast as he can to make it before the kids go to bed. Sunday he is off again. Truly it stinks saying goodbye every week. The kids take it hard. We will not go into how much I miss him.

It seems like random things like to stop working when he is gone. The Heat wave has been a killer and our Air Conditioner thought it would be a good time to stop working, right after it got dark, but is still 90 degrees outside! T-rex took his flashlight with him. I don't know anything about Air Conditioners. In panic mode I called my dad, who knows just enough to fix anything with duck tape.

My dad tells me to check outside and there should be a switch near the house in a junction box. Or something like that! I didn't understand half of what he said. I looked outside and saw dark. I got mad all over again that T-rex took the flashlight.

I stormed back inside, tripping in the dark to see that it was getting even hotter! My dad had me flip some switchy thing and then I had to let him go, he hates when girls cry, it annoys him (yeah way to show the love Dad).

Still thinking it was something wrong outside I Texted the only other person I knew who would have a flashlight. Lion, a Police officer for the city who T-rex works with.

Our conversation went like this:

Me: Are you working? My A/c is out and I don't have a flashlight!
Lion: Be there in a few.
Me: THANK YOU!!!!!!
Lion: N E time

Took me a few to understand N E time was code for anytime. I guess I need to work on my text talk?

Lion came right over. He checked outside everything looked okay in the dark. Then when we came back inside the house was cooler. It was working! My dad was right when he told me to flip the switch thing in the basement. I again was near tears. Lion made the one mistake anyone could make in this situation and asked if I was okay. The flood gates opened and I cried. I spilled out every little stress and how I missed T-rex and I can't do this, you know the whole drama.

Lion stayed for a few and talked to me about the job, the academy, and random gossip from the small town. Soon he had to go and I felt guilty about pulling him off the job to help with a dumb A/c that I already fixed.

Two days later the Air Conditioner went out again. This time I thought I would be smart and self sufficient and just flip the switch myself. buzzz snap! The switch flipped right back to off. The sound was scary enough to make me run back upstairs. I thought I would try it again. buzz crack snap! Again it flipped right back to off and I was starting to fear I would blow up the house!

Without another thought I texted Lion again. He was over quickly and before the sun went down. The neighbors were also outside. We chatted about what could be wrong with it. Lion hosed it out. I didn't know that the thing outside could be washed off. I guess it does rain. Lets just call that a "moment of brain fail." The neighbors said they had a window unit I could use if I needed it. Once the thing outside was washed down Lion went and flipped the switch, with me a safe distance behind. IT WORKED!

So yeah all this long story about an Air conditioner, but really that's not what is important. As I was saying goodbye to Lion and the neighbor, who came to see if we got it working or not, I noticed that although I feel like a single parent right now (the married single it has been called) I am not really alone. T-rex has gained a whole bunch of brothers, and just like brothers they are going to do what they can to help his family when he is gone. In many ways I just got some new brothers too. Although I would hate to go out to the bar with any of them, and the family BBQ might not really be a family environment! I don't feel so alone anymore. I know that if something happens I can always ask for help. Even if it is something dumb.

T-rex says that someday he will be going out to help a mom and wife with something as silly as an Air Conditioner. Its just part of the job to take care of each other. I am happy that is in the job description.

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