Thursday, July 29, 2010

There are guns in there!

I storm down the hall yelling “Dino, get your butt out of there!” Panic was about to set in, what was she doing?

Dino is daddy’s little girl. She wants to be just like him. She will push me out of bed so she can snuggle with him the morning. His being gone has been very hard on her. To find her in my room was not that big of a surprise.

Dino pokes her head out of the room “Why Mommy?”

Oh she knows why! That’s MY room. It’s not some play room where every new drawer holds a grand toy for little fingers to mess with. Not to mention that Dino is a walking mess! No, really! I would tell people she has been standing there for 5 minutes all the stinky stuff in the room is now attached to her. She is tomboy in a dress. Her favorite color is Purple and this is, in part at least, because it makes T-rex cringe. She loves to get a rise out of people and see how far she can push things. She does not back down, does not give in, and sure as heck does not let anyone tell her no. If you say you can’t give her candy because you don’t have any, she will give you a map to the store. Nanny 911 has never met the likes of Dino.

 We have been over all the reasons why she can’t be in there before. I was about ready to lose it! My brain kicked in, or stopped, whatever, I was not going to tell her the same thing over and over again. “Because there are guns in there!” I yelled across the hall, thinking I either won this fight for good, or scarred my child for life.

“But what if there is a bad guy? Then can I come in your room?” Dino always has a comeback. I should have been prepared, but I wasn’t.

“No you can’t go in there!” My brain was still not working, I should have known she would ask why, and she did.

“Because. First off, you’re not old enough to shoot. Second, you don’t know how to shoot, and third because I SAID SO!” I won, I was sure of it this time. She slowly made it the rest of the way out of my room.

“But, Daddy can take me shooting, and I am 5 now, so that’s older.” Dino was not going to let this go. I was starting to get mad.

“No, Dino you can’t be in Mommy’s room! And 5 years old is still too young.” I was too busy thinking about putting locks on my door to notice the mess she had left in my room, most of it sticky I am sure.

“When I am six?” She really was going to try everything.

“No, not even then.” I was having a hard time not locking her in her room!

“When I am 7 can I?”

“Dino you cannot go into my room. EVER.”

“But what about when I am 8?” She was not going to give in. I could tell this was going to be a long night if I didn’t do something fast.

“Dino, let’s go get ice-cream!” I knew this would work. But I had to really make sure she got that she was not to be in my room. “And if you ever go into Mommy’s room again I will ground you.”

I won! We went and got ice-cream, much to the delight of Lilly and Rae. I hope she does not go into my room again thinking she will get ice-cream. . . But at least today my room is safe, as their bellies are full.

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Ann T. said...

Dear Yellow,
Oh, no! I am not a mom, so I am of no use with this one. But I will say, kids study parents all the time--in the meantime, the parents are still trying to get the smell out of the laundry and balancing the checkbook.

The deck is stacked. But don't give up yet. You've got more brain mass! And tons more experience at being sneaky back.

Good luck my friend,
Ann T.