Monday, July 19, 2010

Military Time

T-rex has an odd fascination with military time. He says that’s what they use at work. I don’t understand it! We use real time at home.

I go to check his phone it says 19:34. I have no clue what that means. Okay, I can learn, I am his wife; I guess I can get past his little flaws like not knowing real time.

But then he uses this same foreign time system when talking to my mother. He tells her that he will be reporting back at 17:30. She has no clue what that is. What follows is another round of strange cop talk that no one really understands. Part of me thinks that T-rex does not even understand all that he is saying. I am sure he does. But must he really talk in 10-code when at home? What is a 10-24 anyway? I tend to tune him out when gets in cop talk. I think it has helped me manage better. But wouldn’t it be faster to just say whatever he wants to say in normal language? I mean then I wouldn’t have to decode everything.

 I think I am going to make up a code around the house, then see if he can get it. When he says “What? Why are you talking like that?” I am just going to smile and say “Well that’s what we use at home.”


Anonymous said...

Demand that he leave that crap at work, before going back home.

Leah said...

My hubs, CC, is the same way! Oh my gosh!! I love it! Thanks for the laugh this morning! :)

TM said...

I've got the same thing on my end. So frustrating! Loving your blog, it's got me laughing already.

Yellowmice said...

Spark, I see you keep work at work too :) Great blog btw!

Thank you all for the comments!