Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ah the smart one?

Maybe smart Aleck!

Bedtime is always a pain around here. I think it is for most parents!

Well with three different beds to make it to, three different rooms to get ready for bed time, three set of PJ’s to put on, and Three blankets to find I am often times ready for bed myself when it is all said and done.

First I put Lilly to bed, because her room is upstairs. She is also easy to get into bed. It is the same every night. ME: “You need to pick up your room tomorrow or I am going to come in and put everything in the trash!” LILLY: “Okay mommy. I will do better tomorrow (she never does but eh). I love you and daddy, have a good night.”

Doors closed, night light on, all other lights in the house off, and she is good to go! I could put her to bed all day long!

Then it is down stairs to where Rae and Dion sleep. This is not as easy! I put Rae to bed first, giving Dion time to get PJs on, her room picked up and whatever else she needs to do (Pee 145 times!). But during this time Dion will come into Rae’s room at least twice. This is a big pain in the butt. Rae has to have her room spotless! If anything is out of place she will freak out and we have to pick it up right away! One day I left a paper from a toy in room and she came running upstairs yelling and angrily put it in the trash only to yell at me some more “Mom! That! Does! NOT! Go! In my ROOM!” Yeah OCD does not start to explain this 2 year olds need for a clean room. But I am on to put Dion into bed about 10 minutes after Rae.

Dion is a different set of issues. Her room is mostly clean, but they don’t play in her room much. Her bed is always a mess, and there is never a sheet on the bed. This would bother me, the first million nights of putting a sheet on her bed. Anymore I lay a blanket down and call it good. She gets a new sheet once a week, and after that I am done! But the biggest issue with Dion is she loves to talk! “Mom why is the sky blue? Did I eat dirt as a baby? Do you think daddy will come home tomorrow? I miss daddy? WHAT? WHY? WHY? WHY?” Yeah about 15 minutes later she is ready for her hug and kisses, where she does not let go! I think I save her for last because she wears me out so much!

Well that was all done, and I was ready to get into bed myself when I hear Rae yell “MOM! I need a hug and kiss!”

ME: “I already gave you a hug and kiss, go to bed!”

Rae: “But they are gone!”

Me: “what?”


I made my way down to her room where she informed me that she didn’t have a hug and kiss anymore. . SEE?

UGH! How do you explain to a 2 year old that you don’t keep hugs and kisses, and that they don’t go anywhere?

So I gave her another kiss and hug, told her to keep them because I wasn’t going to come back down to give her more. To that she replied, with her little hands around my neck “You stay here ForEVER!”

Once I made room for me on her little toddler bed she looked at me and said “You go to yours own room”

So cute I couldn’t stop the smiles for about half an hour. Then T-rex called and as I was telling him about this I realized that she was using me to get more hugs and kisses, and to stay out of bed longer!

I mean really that’s either a very silly 2 year old to say my hug went away, or a very smart one!

I think we are moving into a smaller house, all the kids will share one room, no toys, and before bed time I am going to give them all lots of sugar, timing right so when its bedtime it’s also when they are crashing from the sugar high.


Ann T. said...

Dear Yellow,
Oh, the granulated sugar trick! I love the way you think!!! There's a Limit!

If you mix red dye in the sugar they will be more hyperactive. don't do it!

ROFL, start 'em on doughnuts,
Ann T.

Sister Copinherhair said...

Man, I just realized how lucky I am! My son is asleep when his head hits the pillow and stays that way until I have to drag him out of bed...sometimes almost twelve hours later! I guess he's had his moments in the past but for the most part, he's a breeze!

And I like the doughnut idea. ;)