Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Really Lilly? Thanks

T-rex calls, and calls, and calls. From the first time we went out until I die that boy will call me every day. And it’s nice; don’t get me wrong, I love talking to him. He has a sexy phone voice. Right now with him being gone so much it is really nice to get to talk to him. It’s all we have anymore.

However, he has the timing of a. . . .a thing with really bad timing! When we were dating he would call during dinner, almost every night. I think he is rubbing off on me, now I call my mom when she is doing her hair, every time. Middle of the afternoon she is at the salon getting her hair done! I think she spends way too much time on her hair.

Anyway, so I am trying to cook, clean, get the kids in bed, whatever it is and he calls. But he does not call just once nope, I cut him off the first time so he calls back in 30 minutes thinking I am done; only now I am not done. So this cycle goes on for about 3 hours.

The other night was one such night. Maybe I was moody; I am a girl it happens! Maybe I was stressed, it was bedtime. Maybe, just maybe, he was bugging me! As I was putting Lilly to bed the phone rang. I knew it was T-rex, and I just lost it. I threw the stuffed animal I was holding against the wall and stormed out to get the phone. It was T-rex calling to tell me he missed me and he loved me. I started to feel bad for getting so annoyed with him. We said goodbye and I sulked back to Lilly’s room.

I told her I was sorry for throwing the stuffed animal, and that it was really bad of me to do that. We don’t throw things when we are mad. I also told her that her dad made me frustrated when he calls so much at bed time. And then Lilly let me have it.

“But mom! He misses you! Daddy loves you so much. And it is okay you threw the stuffed animal, we all get frustrated, but please pick it up. Thank you for saying sorry. Just, mom, I miss Daddy too.”

My 6 year old has some psychology skills going on. She was so cute being so grown up. More than anything she was right. I think I get mad because I spend almost all day sitting near the phone waiting for T-rex to call. His timing has not changed, the minute I do something he calls. I guess I get mad because I miss him too.

So, Lilly made me feel like dirt, and we called T-rex back. He said he understands. I am happy him and the 6 year old get it, because I sure don’t!


Helene said...

Yes, isn't it so typical of our kids to put things into perspective for us?

My husband used to do the same thing when he was on business trips...he'd be gone and missing us so he'd call at the worst possible times, during dinnertime or when I was giving the kids a bath. He wanted to talk to everyone and there I was rushing them to bed so I could have some time to deflate and rest!

Yellow said...

Helene~ Thank goodness someone gets it! LOL I love talking to him, I really do, but sometimes I just need there to be peace for a minute. How can he make things even HARDER when he is gone? LOL.

Sometimes I think kids see behind all the drama and are able to see what is really going on. I know I need it sometimes, even if it stinks that the 6 year old gets stuff I don't!

Ann T. said...

Dear Yellow,
Awww. Well, I'd say while you're kicking yourself, give yourself also a big pat on the back. You taught her those values, you and T-Rex.

Anyway, it's true. There's a threshold for everybody on the "things to do all at once list". So I get it too.

You're doing great.
Ann T.

Yellow said...

I fear I may not have taught her as well as I must have left you to believe.

Today I hit my elbow on the stove. When I was whining about it Lilly told me "Mom, you'll be fine! We should get a new oven. I want a double oven. It is the most awesomest thing ever! We can cook two cakes at the same time."

The sympathy just wasn't there! My caring child only wanted cake. :) But that's Lilly.

Thank you for the kind words, they truly made me smile. I hope that your "everything at once" list is going well.

Sister Copinherhair said...

Why don't you ask him to text you until you have all of your chores done? Then you could call him.

My mom has that knack for calling at the wrong time too. I'm either cooking/eating dinner, carrying five bags of groceries in, or in the bathroom. I think it all can be chalked up to the fact that we are just always busy so there is never truly "a good time" to take a phone call.