Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hope . .well maybe?

T-rex called to tell me he thinks he wants to work homicide. I couldn’t be happier! I really wonder if that’s normal, a wife getting happy because her husband is going to work with dead bodies and killers. Oh well it made me happy!

First, it means we will likely move to a bigger city. Small towns in the middle of nowhere don’t have that many homicides. I have wanted out of this town for ever, I really want to live in a bigger city, but T-rex is more of a small town guy.

Second, it means he will be “off the road” not a lot of traffic stops, and cop chases when working homicide.

And last, and always a good thing, to me it just seems safer. Maybe that is just me, and I should look up the numbers. But there is a big risk when making traffic stop, and domestic calls, and stuff. But in homicide he knows he is looking for a killer, and it just seems safer.

Well, none of this is going to happen for like at least 5 years. I still didn’t let that stop me. I started to look for houses on line already, called my mom and talked to her about it, looked up jobs in the towns I want to move to and thought about packing. Maybe I should slow this down a little? I mean he has to get all the way out of training first!

A day later he tells me that he might just want to stick with small town stuff. I started to get very sad. I had dreams of moving! He does not seem sad about it at all. Some instructor told him that in small towns he will get a chance to do it all, stick in a small town for 5 years or so the instructor said, and a cop will see it all, homicide, child abuse, rape, car accidents, high risk warrants, and a lot of cow chases. Well that almost sounds more exciting then just doing one thing over and over again, and even in the bigger cities I would like to move to, there are not that many homicides a year.

My hope only lasted a day. I give up. We are stuck here forever, and he loves it! Just enough action to keep the guys busy most of the time, and yet not so much that they are late for diner all the time. I guess I can live with this.


MONICA-LnP said...

hello there,a fellow pw, found you via MrsFuzz blog.
hang in there!

Texas Ghostrider said...

Homicide and other high profile divisions, your man may work straight through a few days with minimal time off except to sleep. So be careful what you wish for........

Ann T. said...

Dear Yellow,
I have heard that homicide is very like what TGR just wrote. But oh, I like cities too!

Good luck with everything!
Ann T.

Sister Copinherhair said...

I understand how you feel about living in a small town. I grew up in one and couldn't wait to leave. I didn't need the streets of NYC to make me happy...just the suburbs of Pittsburgh was a vast improvement. Would he be able to keep his job and still move a little closer to a city?

Yellow said...

Monica~ Cool to have ya looking around :)

TGR & Ann~ :( I didnt think about that.

Sister~ He has a county job, so if there was a bigger town in the county we could! LOL but no. He is also liking the small town stuff, because if there is anything "big" that goes on he gets a little part of it, if it is too big they will call out the state guys.

Mrs. Law Dog said...

Hi Yellow, hang in there, there are shit birds (as my husband calls them) everywhere, in cities big and small. He'll have some great stories to share with you over late dinners or in the middle of the night when he gets home! I found you via Mrs. Fuzz, check me out sometime too

Meadowlark said...

Although in detectives (homicides around here are all lumped under 'detectives') they show up to "visit" with a suspect and the next thing you know somebody's shooting. And around here, detectives don't wear vests because they aren't supposed to intimidate people. GRRRRRR.

Plus, while I don't want to say that they let their guard down, it isn't always the same hypervigilance that they wear during patrol.

So, like TGR says - it's a crapshoot. Make the best of what ya get and enjoy the ride!