Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thank you!

This award was given to me by Mrs Fuzz at A Police Wife and W at Ello Minnow Pea

I guess the rules are I am to post10 new things about  myself, and then pass it on.  Well Thank you gals for thinking of me!  Here are 10 new things about myself.

1. I like the color green. I think it is pretty. It is also a color I can see easily. I cannot see orange and yellow really well.

2. I am anti-politically correct. But I do respect people. For instance my VCR is retarded not a person. I tend to upset people with my avoidance of P.C. things. I don’t tend to care. When people were trying to be P.C. and call my daughter slow I secretly wanted to punch them in the face. She was/is just who she was/is and there is nothing wrong with that. No labels are needed.

3. I am an open book. I have nothing to hide, other than who I am online ;) I spent years of my life literally hiding, and I don’t ever want to go back to that. I tend to tell friends and family what I think, (as nice as I can) with little regard to if I should or not. I have a hard time keeping things in anymore. This goes for my children too, who see more and hear more than they should at times. But I don’t think keeping things from them is really the best way to protect them.

4. I love diet coke. No I NEED diet coke. We say soda, even though no one in my family does.

5. I knew I was going to marry T-rex long before we started to date.

6. My Dad was and is the best dad in the world. I still live in that place where he is superman. I don’t know if I will ever fully get out of that place. I do see his faults, and the things I want to change, but no matter of that he was still the best dad I could have growing up. I secretly still want his approval and praise in everything.

7. My family, outside of my parents and sisters, consist of nuts and evil. I avoid them.

8. I call my mom every day. She really is a best friend in so many ways. Yet still a mom. I don’t know how she is able to find the balance but I love it. Our fights are bad, but they are so few. I guess best friends are bound to fight some. But a mom and daughter will always work things out.

9. I think my sisters are super pretty, and I hate that I will never look as good as they do. One is so tall with long blond hair (I secretly feel bad about making fun of her as a kid, it was wrong of me, and now she is beautiful.) My other sister is always in style, has great hair, and is shaped just better than I am. She is still just as short as me, which almost makes me happy.

10. I never wanted to marry a cop. Never! I saw what it was like for my dad and for me as a kid. I will support T-rex no matter what in his job as an officer. I will learn the ways of a “police wife” give up some of my dreams, and put others on hold. Only because I see this is what he was made to do. I think in some ways I was made to be a cop’s wife. I know I was made to be his wife.

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Laura said...

Thanks for making me smile this morning! I love to get blog awards--it's always nice to know that someone out there is reading along. :-)

I'm really horrible at remembering to do the post that goes with the award though. I am going to try really hard to carve some time out today to write one while it's fresh in my memory. Cross your fingers for me!

Oh, and #4? I could totally have written that. My family calls it "pop" but since moving to NoVa, I've called it "soda" b/c I got tired of all the funny looks I got when I said pop. And diet coke is a necessity right up there with shelter and clothing. :-)

Spark Check said...

What makes you think I wouldn't care? ;-) I'm honored that you'd even think of my blog! Thank you very much!

Yellow said...

Laura~ I really do hope you write it out and pass it on! I thought it was fun.

Spark~ Hum. . I am not really sure what makes me think you wouldn't really care. Now I am sure, like all great writers you are happy to be noticed. .but something about an beautiful blogger award just doesn't really seem to fit. . LOL.

Ann T. said...

Dear Yellow,
His blog is black and white and so is the award! I wonder if he'll post it.

I love reading the Ten Things you posted, but I particularly like # 3 the open book! I generally like to say what I think too, sometimes the personal is a little harder. But still, we are who we are--best get that out front!

Have a great day,
I will do mine this weekend, for sure!
Ann T.

Yellow said...


I wanted to give the award to you too, but saw you already had gotten it. But, I think you should give it to Spart too :) If everyone bugs him about he'll have to do it . .right? LOL

I am eager to read your 10 new things.

Momma Hen said...

Thanks Yellow!
It was nice to get to know more about you!