Sunday, August 22, 2010

I think it is stupid too!

My children, Lilly, Dino, and Rae, have been doing an okay job at dealing with T-rex’s many absences as of late. They talk to him on the phone, write him cards for when he will be home, and spend as much of their together time playing around with him. Saying goodbye is still hard. But for the most part everyone is doing well. Dino and T-rex are like best friends, and she really looks up to him. So she has had the hardest time. Lilly has never cared one way or another about most anything. She is 6 now and very smart. She notices things others would miss. Well today she said something deeply profound. She said “I think it’s stupid when daddy has to go.” I could not agree more! What a great way to put it. It is just stupid. And although we don’t use that word in this house I could not help but to smile and agree.

Lately our time together has been bitter sweet with the gloomy tick of the clock counting down the minutes until T-rex has to go again. The in and out has been extra hard on us. Sometimes I think it would be better if he would just stay gone the whole time he is at training rather than come home for a day and half. But as much as it stinks to say goodbye every week it sure is nice to see him.

When I asked Dino and Rae what they thought Dino said she missed him, and Rae said that Dino misses him. Lilly just stood by the fact that it was stupid. Next time we go to jail I am going to have Lilly point that out to Mighty Mouse.

Okay is it odd that I just said “Next time we go to jail”? Uh, such is the life of a cop’s wife.

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Pam Landy said...

I so so SO hear you on all the random absences, and I can't imagine how much harder it must be with kids. :(

I have to tell you that your blog always makes me crack up - yes indeed on the random things we hear ourselves say. Like, what? This is my life? ;)