Monday, August 16, 2010

How to get scumbags to move out of the neighborhood:

1. Have husband park patrol car on the street in front of house.

Sunset Police Car
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Ann T. said...

Dear Yellow,
Oh, yeah, it definitely makes a difference. Except in Chicago it's dangerous. Sometimes to the car (vandalism, stealing the light-bars) and sometimes worse.

Everybody stay safe out there . . . much love and prayers to all LEOs and their families.
Ann T.

Yellow said...


I wish there was some truth to my post. However, I fear that it is very different. I live in a small town (One grocery store, no movie theater to talk of, etc. small!) With this everyone knows where all the cops live fairly fast. The departments here require that the officers take their cars home and park them on the street. I guess with the officers being on call 24/7 (with only a few cops if something goes bad ALL of them are needed) they need to get to their cars fast.

Which is nice, in part. But this has a very big negative! Now the whole town can find out when T-rex is working, and as such, when I am home alone. And yes, random people I don't know have asked about it. I don't much care for this.

But then again, the drunk has not just dropped by now that T-rex's car is there. . I guess win some loss some. .

We have already been warned about eggs being thrown.
I think there is a danger no matter what. It is sad that our officers are in danger just for being officers even off work.

W said...

For Thanksgiving last year I fed the officers that had to work. They took shifts coming to eat. It was quite a sight to see 4+ cop cars at any given time parked in front of my house between 2am-4am.

We don't have take home cars, but I'm pretty sure that sent the message out to the not so kosher neighbors who stay up at all hours of the night in their garage :-)

Yellow said...

W~ LOL okay I cant help it but even now if I were to see 3-4 cop cars at a house I would wonder what really bad thing that person did. LOL. When T-rex first brought his truck home we had people staring at him and me like I was going to get arrested. I did start to worry about my "image" for about a minute. LOL oh the joys of cops.