Friday, August 6, 2010

I learned something new today

T-rex really loves to stress people out. I mean that is the only clear explanation for doing what he did.

Like things are not hard enough right now, he has to add to the stress!

He calls me today to share something new he has learned at the academy.

T-rex: “Hey babe, I learned something new today.”

Me: “Cool, what did you learn?”

T-rex: “Did you know that most cops who are shot are shot by their own gun?”

Me: Click

My mom says I have a habit of hanging up on people when I am mad at them. Well now that I have a clear head I can say she might be right about that. I guess I will work on that.

What was he thinking? Really! He needed to tell me that. I have had a very good system going here! I ignore any real danger he might be in, and tell the psychologist in me to shut up. She listens well enough and I go on blind to any danger that our cops are in. I am sure this is not a very healthy way of coping with things, but I think it’s working well enough for now.

T-rex being as he is says I am sheep. (Check out the books by LT. Col. Dave Grossman to find out what that means) He thinks that I need to be less like a sheep and more like a sheep dog. I try to tell him dogs smell funny. He does not seem to care. To T-rex it is better to know all the evils of the world and face them. To me if I did that every day I would die of worry. I know that there are risks with his job. I get that every day is a risk for him and all our officers. But I cannot stop living my life out of the fear he might. So to him I say “baa baa.”

The real pain is how he always has to share this mortality news at the worst time. Like after a night of bad dreams, or reading about an officer who gave up his life trying to save another. I guess his timing will always be bad. But I love him so what am I to do? I think I will just call him back and tell him he better not got shot with his own gun, or I will be really mad.


Helene said...

That is such a MAN thing to do, isn't it?? Nice. You were totally worried about the psychos out there in the world harming him but now that you know that he's more likely to shoot himself with his own gun, you should sleep more soundly at night, right?

My hubby hangs up on me when he's mad too. It irks me to not end but he's always like, "Well, I had nothing nice to say so I hung up". Okay, point taken.

Sister Copinherhair said...

At our Citizens' Police Academy, the Deputy Chief told us that he had a rule that he went home safe after every shift. "Why? Because if I didn't, my wife would be pissed...after she cashed in my life insurance policy."

Yellow said...

Helene~ I am not sure if he shots himself or if another person shots him . .I didnt care to find out!
Sister~ Yep I like the chief! I would be ticked off too!

Pam Landy said...

HA! I'd hang up too! :D

Ann T. said...

Dear Yellow,
Oh, my gracious!!! I laughed so hard with the 'click'. I had to stop reading for a sec!!

Obviously I am not up on the LE spouse thing--one reason I read you and Mrs. Fuzz!! But I think it's a hard equilibrium between nerves from not knowing enough and nerves from knowing too much.

I can't help but think that would be a lifetime struggle . . .

Ann T.