Monday, August 9, 2010

I am sure they get it from Daddy.

School supply shopping brings back good memories from my childhood. Or at least it did until last year. When I was a kid my mom would save up all summer to take us shopping, we would go out about a week before school started and just get everything. We would get new cloths, lots of new cloths, and pens, paper, markers, and glue. It was an all girl thing, and we loved it!

Last year was Lilly’s first year of school. For kindergarten they had a very long list of stuff to get. Mostly there were large quantities of glue on the list. This would not be an issue, if it were not for Dino and Lilly being as they are. They are only 14 months apart, which means they are best friends and worst enemies at the same time.

So, it started with a little fight, and ended with a mess. Dino talks a lot, and this bugs Lilly. Lilly likes things peaceful, Dino likes the action! The differences there start many fights in our house. I truly wish I could have been in the room when this was going on. But, no, I had to shower. So I cannot tell you the thinking that leads to this. I can’t imagine what went down in Lilly’s room to end like it did. I just know that when I came out of the shower I quickly turned around to go back in.

Lilly had taken it upon herself to GLUE Dino to the wall. There was my middle child with glue all over hair, back, legs, and arms. She was pushed against the wall, which was also covered in school glue. Lilly was holding her down trying to get her to stick. I am sure a heat lamp and fan were coming next to get the glue to dry and Dino to stick forever.

Once I was able to stop laughing. I asked Lilly why she glued her sister to the wall. She replied “Dino was talking too much and bugging me, we don’t have a jail. “

Ah, but why GLUE? I don’t think I will ever fully understand.

Now it is time to go school shopping again, this year both of them are in school and I need a total of 10 different glue things. The stress is kicking in already. I feel for the teachers this year, and the little boy who is crushing on Lilly!


W said...

OMG that is hilarious! No one wants to get on her bad side!

Yellow said...

What is really odd, is that Lilly is not like that most of the time. She is nice and calm and she really does think things out before she acts. Most of the time! I guess getting on her bad side would be really bad, cause she will think of a way to make you pay. . .

Ann T. said...

Dear Yellow,
Oh, crack me up!!

Once my sister and I tattooed my brother with bic pen drawings. We were scrubbing him with Comet trying to get them off b/4 getting caught when of course the parents came in!

Guess who got grounded????
Ann T.