Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The real road hazards

I do enjoy the fact that T-rex gets weekends home right now. I almost feel like a “normal” family. We get to take the girls swimming, or out to the zoo.

Last weekend we went out to the zoo. It’s about a 35 minute drive to get there, all on old highway. I don’t mind the drive that much, but the truth is I hate driving by open fields. When I was 15 I was in a very bad car accident on a dirt road. We ended up flipping the car into some farmer’s field. I guess driving on dirt roads and open fields still brings back some stress for me.

T-rex knows this fact. I have spent many hours yelling at him to slow down! I think he has some issue with listening to his wife in the car. I think I may have cured that. I am learning cop lingo, and it is paying off!

Like normal he took a curve going too fast so I started to yell at him. And like normal he took the next curve faster and this time moved over onto the shoulder. As the car started to go over the warning bumps I started to yell louder and hit him with my shoe. (We will get to how ‘smart’ that was in a moment).

T-rex: “I wasn’t going any faster than the posted speed limit!”

Me: “you went on the shoulder!”

T-rex : “Yeah and it was fun!”

Me: “You were going too fast for conditions! You could get a ticket.”

T-rex : “What conditions?! The road is fine, I am driving fine, you worry to much”

Me: “You were going too fast for ME!”

T-rex: “haha. . . I keep saying we need to get that in the book”

Me: “What in the book?”

T-rex: “Road hazards include snow, ice, rain, and WIVES!”

Me: “WHAT?!”

T-rex: “Yep a wife is the worst road hazard there is. Hitting me with a shoe when I am driving and stuff.”

Me: “Well, you were going to the shoulder”

T-rex: “because you were freaking out! And it was fun”

Me: “Well it’s not safe, and if I were driving. . . .”

T-rex: “That’s an even worse road hazard! Driving wife. ..”

Me: “Still if a wife if a road condition that makes driving a hazard you needed to slow down!”

T-rex: “But it was fun! And I am a good driver, you worry too much”

This went on like this for a few minutes. Then I realized he said I was a bad driver. I could not really argue with him over that. After all, I don’t drive a like a cop. But it is fine with me if they add “wife” to the list of road hazards. Anything to get T-rex to stop driving like a cop when we are in the minivan!


Ann T. said...

Dear Yellow,
Oh, no! I would advise you to bring a book so you can't watch, but reading in the car always makes me carsick. Even when i'm not driving, LOL,
Ann T.

Stay safe, you hazard you! Best of luck!

jediwife said...

My husband said something very similar to me the other day--that my nervousness was more likely to land us in an accident than his driving!

I don't know about that!

Yellow said...

Ann~ ick, reading would so make me sick. And if I am a road hazard thats fine, maybe it will get him to slow down! LOL

I say own it. Tell him you are a road hazard and if he does not slow down you will report him for driving to fast for condtions. The condition that his wife is going to hit him with a shoe if he doesn't! Sadly I fear they still will not care.

Mrs. Law Dog said...

HA HA, Law Dog drives every car like it is a patrol car. I need a sedative to ride with him. I am going to file that shoe thing in my memory though....that is a good one.