Sunday, August 15, 2010

What do you stand for?

I told my husband today that it would be better he die. . . .

Yeah when I write it out like this I sound evil don’t I?

It wasn’t like that. I am sure. . . .

We were talking about a class he had. The class was over what to do as a cop if you become a hostage. The teacher I guess is a really cool guy and one who I would like to meet sometime. He seems to think the same way I do.

The “policy” is to lay low, get out if you can, and all that good stuff. It is pretty much what they tell bankers anymore. DON’T FIGHT BACK.

Well the teacher of the class told the students to “read what the hand out says, but listen to me, I don’t agree with the hand out. . . .” He then told them all the things I would tell anyone, FIGHT BACK!

I guess this has something to do with the kind of cereal my parents got me as a child. But I truly think anything worth having is worth fighting for, and that means your life too. I think people who take life lying down are weak. I think as long as I can fight my way out without hurting anyone I will.

As a kid this “fighting” was often times verbal for me. I did get into a few fist fights in first grade and what not. I remember me and another kid would fight with the older kids when they were picking on the younger kids. He and I thought we were heroes or something.

I also would fight with authority that I thought was wrong. Sometimes I was wrong. Other times, like in High School Business class I was very right. The point is that no matter what it was I would take a stand for what I believed in and I would do what I could to get what I thought was right to be done.

Now as an adult I have learned that not everything is worth fighting for. My chocolate cookies are worth the fight! So hands of Rae! But a little disagreement does not bring war to my world anymore. I am sure my parents are pleased with this maturity.

But life, life is always worth fighting for. Justice, what is right, what is truly right, is always worth the fight. So when I was talking to T-rex I told him I have always felt it was better to die for something worth fighting for than to live a life letting evil prevail. I think if you don’t at least attempt to defeat the ‘evil’ (whatever it may be) then you’re just as bad as the evil.

T-rex might look at things differently, he said he would rather his kids know that he went out fighting then lived weak. I agree. But I sure hope he is able to win whatever fight he comes to.

“Nothing is ever won without a fight.

No fight is ever without a loss."
~Millia Dark


Texas Ghostrider said...

I agree with fight back. It is better to die standing then living on your knees. As a Comanche Warrior, never surrender, fight to the end. Yes that seems harsh but, as a hostage you don't have a chance anyway, they will see weekness and might just kill you anyway.

Ann T. said...

Dear Yellow,
I am with YOU and TGR! And for that matter, Tgace over at things worth believing in.

Be damned if I'm going to sit there. There is such a thing as prudence but it can be taken too far. I hope and pray that if ever in a crap situation like a hostage-taking that I'll be able to impact that situation in favor of the good. More than one way to fight. I plan to use the best one at the time.

Ann T.